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Sinful Colors Enchanted (or Muse) Collection

After a bumpy summer, Sinful has completely won me back with their fall collections.  I've already shown off the dazzling Hot Flash Metallics and jaw-dropping Polar Opposites from Sinfully Magnetic.  I walked past Enchanted (called Muse at Walgreens, for some reason) a few times until suddenly they called to me and I just had to get them.  ...well...five of them.  Last Chance and Rain Storm have been released in previous collections and I had them already.  Inkwell is black [update- I was wrong. It's purple that's almost black and you can see it here.] and I'm sold on Finger Paints Black Expressionism.

Enchanted/Muse is one of the most 'together', yet not too 'theme-y', collections I've ever seen.  I've already seen them used in some nail art because these shades just scream to be used together.

Last Chance is the one that caught my eye first, even though I already had it.

I'd *love* to see this on a looks so good on a "secret ginger" like me!  It's a deep hunter green that just glows in a way that few creams can manage.  I can understand why this was part of Sinful Colors' xmas collection last year....and why they brought it back!  This is unquestionably my favorite of this collection.

...and in case you're worried about it looking black in lower light, here it is under office florescent lighting for reassurance.

Jungle Trail is a lightish, warm-toned gray that instantly reminded me of Mrs. Obama's ballyhooed DNC gray nails.  It looks a bit green on me, but not in the bottle.

In The Mist is a medium dusty jade.  It's similar to Leap Flog, a major Sinful Colors favorite for a lot of people.  There's a comparison toward the bottom.

Mesmerize is a dark, dusty indigo.  My camera just doesn't understand shades like this.

It's really a bit dustier and less blue, but this is close...and it's a dupe for something pricier!  More on that further down.

Smokin is a medium gray that, for me anyway, managed to be really wearable.  Grays can be tough, but it's just cool enough to be flattering.

Muse is somewhere between a deep taupe and smoky purple.

At first I thought it might be dupe-ish for either OPI You Don't Know Jacques or I Brake For Manicures, but it's nowhere near either.  If you're a fan of 'tauples', you need Muse!

Rain Storm is the other repromoted shade.  I really don't know how I managed to own this for a few months and not wear it.  It's a medium blue just grayed out enough to fit in with the other shades, but still fairly bright.  It's another that my camera doesn't 'get'.

...that's not quite it, but it's not *that* far off.  It's grayer than this in person.

The seven shades I bought all have pretty much the same formula, so Inkwell might too.  It took some getting used to, but I found that if I did one thick coat, that was all I needed.  Some bubbling and flooding, but nothing really horrible.  Just go thick, with minimal strokes, and they're actually kinda impressive!

On to the comparisons!  None of these are completely unique, because that's very rare for creams, but they're different enough that I only found one very close dupe in my collection of 450-ish polishes.

In The Mist is so close to Leap Flog that when I first saw the display I thought it *was* Leap Flog.  Side-by-side they're different enough, but they're still very close cousins.

I-In The Mist, M-Leap Flog, R-In The Mist, P-Leap Flog
In The Mist is darker and less green, but they are *very* similar.

As much as I love Mesmerize, it felt so familiar.  I thought either OPI Road House Blues or Essie No More Film.

I-Mesmerize, M-Road House Blues, R-Mesmerize, P-No More Film
It's considerably lighter than Road House Blues, but it's *very* close to No More Film!  If you wanted a drugstore alternative to either of these, Mesmerize really works!

So...recommendations?  These are easily the most interesting bargain creams I've ever tried.  They're very on-trend for Fall.  There's a great dupe for the much pricier No More Film.  They play nice together in nail art.'s great and I can't think of one I wouldn't recommend.  Aside from Inkwell, of course....which might not actually be black, but no one seems to be swatching it so I may never know.  At $2 each, I'd say get them all!


  1. I also have road house blues but mesmerize is a tad lighter. I think its a bit closer to the very rare OPI Madewell to Order, than road house blues is.

    1. Yeah, depending on the lighting they're either similar or miles apart. lol It's *very* close to No More Film though.

  2. Muse & Last Chance are my faves!

    1. I don't think I could pick two favorites. lol Though Last Chance really is the stand-out for me. I wanna get another bottle for frankening...I have ideas.

  3. Do you have Sinful Colors Winterberry? If so, is it a dupe to Muse?


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