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Max Factor Fantasy Fire (...and birthday stuff)

I has an old!  I turned 30 last week.  How did it get here so fast?  I also got a much-anticipated parcel from England...part of which was two little bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire!  I was beyond excited, and the timing was so perfect, just a couple of days before my 30th.  It had to be my birthday mani!

The bottle is sooo tiny, but this stuff is outstanding!  I layered it over a favorite, China Glaze Man Hunt.  Anyone else with a big polish collection will know what I mean by this...I've worn it *three times*!  I like the pairing, because its lighter than the base of Fantasy Fire, so it's still very obviously blue.  ...and just look at that multichrome shift!  Is it green?  Yellow?  Red?  YES!!

I took dozens of photos, but first I wanted to gush a bit about the love of my life.  My partner is the best man I've ever been with...hell, the best I've ever known.  He doesn't understand my polish fixation, but he knows how much it matters to me and how happy it makes me.  He pretended he didn't get me anything, and I was totally ok with that, considering what I spend on polish.  When we were at breakfast, he said the meal was his gift (mine was free)...I said that was fine and I meant it.

When we got home there was a BIG box in the kitchen.  I pretended it was just in the way, and that I didn't notice "for Pheasant" written on it.  Pretended I was going to bed.  Finally they got me to open it.  In it, under a ton of shredded paper was a box for a Helmer, suspiciously light....full of shredded paper.  Buried in that was a bottle of NYX Beige Glitter.  It wasn't the polish I wanted the most in the world, but it showed he cares and pays attention.  We were at a mall weeks ago and there was a wig shop that had the full line of NYX polishes.  I really wanted Beige Glitter, but I behaved and passed on it.  I pined a lot.  He remembered!  I was so happy that I literally threw myself at this terrific man, almost bowling him over.  It's mushy and corny and whatever, but...he's really the best present I could ever get.  ...the Helmer's pretty cool too.  I need to figure out what color to paint it so I can get it all done up and start using it.

...and here are more photos of the overwhelmingly beautiful Fantasy Fire...

...why did Max Factor have to stop being boring *after* leaving the US?  Oh well, I have it now!


  1. Very pretty! I have this myself and haven't used it yet because I didn't know what to layer it over, you've given me some ideas!

    1. Thanks! I've seen many good results when people layer it over anything dark-ish in the red, purple, blue region.

  2. You may have just convinced me to finally get a dupe, lol. No seriously...I will get it. Also, Man did that too. And LOL about the free meal, I would have held that in and released a few months later. No presents today...yet...I hope I get something...even though I know I'll be happy anyway. He already gave me the money for the Lynn's I bought last month, and he reminded me as much, lol.

    1. Is today yours? Happy birthday!!

      And yes...get a dupe! ...or the real deal. lol

  3. The Max Factor mini bottles are so cute! They have some great colors that aren't so amazing/color shifty. If you like green, you should look into getting Graffiti whenever you find the opportunity to get another UK package.


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