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Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

Sinful Colors is *very* late to the magnetics game with its new Sinfully Magnetic collection.  It's starting to feel like the last few stragglers are saying "oh fine, if we must" and putting out a collection just because everyone else is.  If you're a polish fiend, you know exactly the companies I mean.  Magnetics are starting to fade like crackles did.  What could anyone do that would surprise us?


There aren't enough angles in existence to begin to do justice to Polar Opposites.  [My elderly camera just couldn't comprehend the fleckiness, so the preview photos look grainy...but just on the nail.  Weird.]  It has a black or navy base with dense blue/aqua/purple multichrome fleck shimmer and the magnetic pull is a frosty, smoky silver.  There's so much going on, but it isn't too much and it all goes together so well!

I was blown away from the moment I held the magnet to the bottle in the store.  This magnet is STRONG!  It's about average if you use the guide, but when turned around it's strong enough for my curvy nails!  Right to the edge!  No other flat magnet has EVER managed that and I've tried several brands.  It's a little odd, because it's on a ring and not part of the cap.

The pull doesn't pop quite as much in sunlight, but the flecks make up for that!

(my camera's view screen is useless in full sun...this is the best photo...ugh)
It's even fairly nice pre-magnet.

Dunno if I'd wear it like this, but I know some people buy magnetics with no plans to ever use the magnet.  if that's you, I don't know that I've ever seen a frosty silver with aqua-blurple flecks before.  This is just one coat!

So, my verdict?  Buy it!!  This is a strong contender for my favorite magnetic.  It's gorgeous and really unique.  I've never seen another magnetic even vaguely similar.  It's also a generous bottle for a great price.  It's a full-size (0.5oz) Sinful Colors bottle for just $3.99!  That's a quarter of the price of some of its much less interesting forerunners...and for more polish!  It is finicky, but they all are.  It took me a bunch of tries to get the results you see here, and they're far from perfect....especially since I did have to turn it backwards to maximize the strength.  If you have flat nails, you'll probably be fine using the guide.  The magnet's ring makes it much more comfortable to hold than many brands, especially since I have trouble with hand cramps.  It pulls quickly, but tends to slide if you don't hold the ring over it for as long as you can bear/until it's starting to dry.  It also had a few tiny bubbles that were barely noticeable in person.  It's still absolutely worth having!

The Sinfully Magnetic collection is pretty impressive over-all, but I think this will be the only one I buy.  Captivate Me has holographic microglitter in its base...but it's dark pink.  I just can't bring myself to do pink. :\  The other shades are nice, but a bit more standard.  I'd recommend them to latecomers who don't have many magnetics, but if you've been buying them for a while you probably have something like them already.  My only real gripe about this awesome collection is that they're all star magnets!  I may have bought more of the shades if there were other designs.

...have some spam, if you'd care for it.  I couldn't stop taking photos of it and couldn't narrow it down much either!  Really love this polish!



Awesome, no?  I think my spam was justified.


  1. I love it and I don't think I'd even use the magnet its so pretty on its own!

  2. OMG. i just used this and it came out sucky. how did you get the pattern so good?

    1. Patience. lol This was my second over-all attempt and some of the nails have 3-4 magnetized coats. If I mess up (and I do, a LOT lol), I just give it some time to dry, slap on another coat, and try again. I also held the magnet backwards for extra strength....which means I bumped my nail with it a few times and smudged the polish. Magnetic polish is a hassle, but it's so pretty!


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