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Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics

Hot Flash Metallics is just one of Sinful Color's THREE new collections this fall.  It's also the first from them that I've 'completed'.  I'd picked a few up last week...and then the Walgreen's 99c Sinful sale returned!  You read that right...half price!  I couldn't resist, even though I had some serious qualms about one of the shades...but more on that later.  Metallics are a BIG trend this fall, and as usual Sinful Colors takes a trend and gives it a twist and comes up with some very bold results.

This collection includes eight shades; Gone Platinum, Heavy Metal, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Wired, Moss Have, Precious Metal, Super Nova, and Zincing Of You.  They're also three different finishes, so there's a ton of variety.

Hot Hot Heat, a vivid hot-rod red chrome, is the no-doubt-about-it standout of this collection.

It's a bit cooler-toned than the camera wanted to admit.  The formula is good, and could be considered a "one-coat wonder"...though I used two.  It has a TON of potential for xmas nail art.  It's also...and I can't say how happy this made me...the perfect "missing red" for the China Glaze Bohemian collection!!  It's not a duochrome, but it has a very similar finish.  ...which means it's a bit streaky.  Not unwearably, but noticeably.  That's expected with this finish....but there IS something you can do about it.

Sponging!  Worked just as well for Hot Hot Heat as it did for the Bohemians.  Turn streaks into sparkle!  (look for a tutorial on this method soon)

Taking the same finish in a very different direction, Gone Platinum is a cool purple, right on the pastel border.

Gone Platinum could also be a one-coater, but I used two.  It should be perfect for stamping.  It reminds me strongly of the old Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup.  Again, this means streaks...and sponging fixed it again!

There's one more chrome finish in this collection, Moss Have, a cool pastel green.

If you know me, Moss Have was *obviously* the one that made me nervous.  It's PASTEL!!!  I categorically reject pastels.  I only bought it out of a desire for completion.  I was surprised...I didn't hate it!  I don't exactly love it either, but...I will probably wear it again.  This would be perfect for someone with cooler-toned skin, especially a the girl who rang me up for it and told me it was her favorite Sinful EVER.  The formula is about the same as the previous two....and this got sponged too, of course...

I was really shocked that I liked this at all...but I can see myself wearing it this winter, maybe in nail art.  It also seems like it'll be good for stamping.

Precious Metal is a mid-blue with a really interesting finish.  It has small, irregular metallic flakes in a very sheer blue base.

Because it's so sheer, it does take a lot of building...but it gets there eventually, in 4-5 coats.  I think it would be great for layering, though I haven't tried it yet.

Hot Wired has the same finish, in a dark silver with scattered smoky blue flecks.

It also takes a lot of building, 4-5 coats.  I love this finish and I will absolutely be experimenting with layering this and Precious Metal over other shades.  Because they need so much building, I'm not sure I'd wear them alone again.

There are also several more "traditional" metallics.  Heavy Metal is a very bright silver with a super-chunky foil finish that somehow doesn't stop it from being very reflective.

Wow, right?  I hesitated before buying *another* silver...I think this is my twenty-fourth...but I don't regret getting this at all.  It is very slightly streaky, but so shimmery and bold that it's not too obvious.  It takes a very standard 2-3 coats.  I worried it would be too similar to Wet N Wild Silvivor or Nicole by OPI Give Me The 1st Dance, but it stands apart by being brighter than either.  If you're a silver fiend like I am...get it!

Zincing Of You is the obligatory gold in this collection, but it is a great shade.

I know a lot of girls shy away from golds because so many can be harsh and brassy, but this is very wearable.  Also 2-3 coats.  Very shimmery, this will also be ideal for xmas.

Super Nova is so similar to Zincing Of You that I was worried I had two of the same shade in my basket at Walgreens...and just now I worried I had the swatches mixed up.  I'm not sure if I'd call this a soft copper or a rose-gold, and it has tiny silver flecks.

It has the bright shine of Heavy Metal, but is more wearable.  2-3 coats for this too.  This and Zincing Of You both remind me of some of Orly's metallics, though I don't think they're dupes for any of them.

I'm impressed!  Overall, this is a great collection.  Nothing boring, yet nothing too "weird".  What really impresses me is that they've got two other new collections out for Fall too!  Unfortunately Walgreens didn't have the Enchanted collection, but I spotted it at Rite Aid and snuck a quick photo.

They're not *all* new.  From left to right; Muse, Inkwell, Smokin, Rain Storm, Mesmerize, Jungle Trail, Last Chance, and In The Mist.  They're all cream formulas, and at least two are re-promotes from previous collections.  Rain Storm came out in July and Last Chance was part of last year's xmas collection.  The rest seem to be new.  I have Rain Storm and Last Chance, but I haven't swatched them yet.  Project Swatch has though.

....and then there's the Sinfully Magnetic collection.  Wow!  Sinful Colors is waaaaay late to the game, but.....they won!  I bought Polar Opposites yesterday (and you might wanna look here)...but there's at least one more that I might go back for.  They're $3.99, which is very reasonable for magnetics.  It's an even bigger bargain considering they're full size, 0.5oz, and they have the strongest magnet I've ever used.  It works all the way to the edges, even on my sharply curved nails.  The shape is also must easier to hold than most.  The only downside is they only have one magnet style, a star/asterisk.  The best part though?  The finishes are completely different from any of the competition and far more complex.  Holographic glitters, duochrome flecks...they're incredible!  I've only seen them at Rite Aid, but I know they've been spotted at Target too.

Sinful Colors earned itself a bad reputation this summer by publishing bloggers' photos without permission or credit, but they handled it well and signs point to a possible settlement with those bloggers.  The offending images were removed from *most* Walgreens locations, and I have a strong hunch that the few that still display them are the fault of lazy employees and management in those stores.  I think their actions were pretty disgusting, but their handling was ok...and these new shades do the final mending of my opinion of them.  As long as nothing like that happens again, I can forgive them.  I hope you can too, because some of these shades are must-haves.


  1. WOW I need Hot Hot Heat!! So gorgeous! Also, I need to get myself some sponges for brustrokey polishes!

    1. Isn't is spectacular? I did a gradient of it and ChG No Plain Jane and it really reminded me of classic car finishes.

      And yeah...sponging is the shit. lol I sponge almost everything lately.

  2. I kinda need the gold and the silver...too bad I can't get to walgreens.

    1. Or this week?

    2. ever. Cameron complains that he gets teh plague whenever we go. Plus, we have to buy Charlie ballet uniform this week. $$$.

    3. Geez, I live in Australia where Sinful Colors isn't sold at all & I managed to get all of these polishes :|

  3. From what I read it is only bloggers who were up in arms about Revlon's alleged publishing without permission.

    The advertising antics of Revlon have no bearing on whether or not I purchase from their companies.

    The same applies for their share prices fluctuations on the stock exchange or any other administrative issues that affect the company.

    I wonder if the nail polish blogging world would be as "outraged" by the blatant plagarism that occurs everyday from non nail polish blogs.


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