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Nicole by OPI Fall Target Exclusives

I have no shortage of love for Target...but they're really outdoing themselves with exclusive polishes this Fall!  I loved the two e.l.f. Python collection polishes (see them here) so much that I went back for the other vampy shade (see it here).  Target's had exclusives plenty of times, but never so many and from so many brands in the same season.  Their new Nicole by OPI exclusives are much more impressive than the spring ones.  There are six new shades, but three are very close dupes for three of the China Glaze Bohemians, so I passed on those.  ...and then there are three astounding dense metallic fleck shades!  I saw Scrangie's review and just HAD TO!

Everyone's been raving about Just Busta Mauve...and the moment I put it on, I knew why!

Dazzling!  That's really the only word for it.  Take OPI Warm & Fozzie and add some dusty blue flecks...which might actually be what OPI did...and you'd have this.  I love both!  The blue in Just Busta Mauve adds a little more interest, without taking away from the warm, pinky-copper glow of Warm & Fozzie.

It does take a lot of building, but it's nearly there at three coats.  I opted for four.  It layers fairly well because of its thinness.  Over black it shows more of the mauve in its name.

The one I neeeeded...and therefore couldn't find at first...was If The Blue Fits.  I adore blue polish and this....THIS!!!

The giddiness I felt when I found it in the display came back when I put it on.  Love!  The dense fleck finish is wonderful in general, but it crosses the line amazeness a word because it should be...when it's combined with a blue this glowing and vibrant.

If The Blue Fit also took some building, but not as much as Just Busta Mauve.

The third shade in this finish is For Gold Times Sake.  If Just Busta Mauve is this collection's twist on Warm & Fozzie, For Gold Times Sake is like a variant of OPI Number One Nemesis, from the Spiderman collection.

There's a lot more variety in the flecks in For Gold Times Sake than in the other two.  It's very complex and it's even harder to pin to one color name than Just Busta Mauve.  It's gold?  The secondary colors are tough to narrow down too.  It's stunning, whatever it is.

This shade took as much building as the first, four layers for these photos too.  It is even better for layering though, and I have so many ideas for it.  It's nice enough over black, but...I wanna try more!

I love all three of these!  If The Blue Fits is the only one I'd call a must-have, especially for blue-lovers, but they're all worthwhile.  I really hope OPI keeps making more shades like these.


  1. love busta mauve on you! i only picked up for gold times sake...not sure what i was thinking. need to go back to the target :O)

    1. Thanks! :) I'd never have picked it up in a million years if I hadn't seen Scrangie's swatches. It's not impressive in the bottle, but I love it on the nail.

  2. OMG, thanks for doing this post, I have been trying to find a replacement of my OPI Bring on the Bling. Busta mauve looks close to it on you.

    1. I'd never seen that before! JBM is, from what I can tell based on photos, made of smaller and thinner pieces. There's less color-play too...but it still is kinda the same general idea of pink and blue in a softened gold, especially over black.


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