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A Terrible Name, but Awesome Polish

My eldest spawn started ballet class up again. She LOVES ballet. I love it because there is a CVS next door and I can ogle the nail polishes. We were killing time while Thing #1 was dancing, and Thing #2 picked up this polish. "Purple, Mommy? I want purple." It's Wet'n'Wild, and fast dry, so what the hell. Then I noticed it was a pretty, sparkly, pinky/purple color. OoooOOOooh. Yes please. Who can say no to a cute kid and a pretty polish? 
The formula is pretty thin, I had to use four thick coats to get good coverage. After two fingers worth of that, I decided to layer. I have "Through the Grapevine", also by W'n'W, and it makes a pretty good base. Plus, it's a bastard to photograph! Love/hate sparkly things sometimes...This stuff is thin enough that I am going to try it over other colors. I just got a Sinful Colors royal purple that I think would work well.

Colors Used:
Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry in Hannah Pinktana (seriously? That has to be the dumbest name I've ever heard)
Wet'n'Wild in Through the Grapevine (possibly my favorite color)

Index and middle: 4 coats w/o base. Ring and pinky, "Through the Grapevine" plus two coats

you can see here how...thin the two nails w/o the colored base are.

Indoors, it wasn't so noticeable. 

Direct sunlight here. It's so shiny! But I really prefer it with the color underneath.


  1. love it!!! those sparkles are so so so pretty~~~

    1. the pictures do not do it justice AT ALL. It's got an almost holographic feeling in person.

    2. Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire uses the same tiny holographic glitter (a few seasonal WnW shades do it)....with the added bonus of not being pink and having a slightly less vile name.

      ...I need to wear that again sometime. ...and Sally Hansen Night Lights, which gets a huge bonus for being black.

  2. Pretty sparkles :) and the name is hilarious LOL :)


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