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Another gradient...this time with 100% more creepy

sorry for the shitty lighting and oily fingers. I do my nails at night.
I also forgot to photograph this one during the day.

I got my first ever Julep nail polish. They are a bit pricey, but the formula is lovely. Two-coat-happiness in a bottle. The particular color is Julep Pippa. It's a pretty good pasty-girl flesh tone.

Speaking of flesh...I decided to do (another) gradient because I'm obsessed because I have a healthy appreciation for them. I used a pretty Wet'n'Wild coral color whose name escapes me at the moment. And of course I added Essie's Shine of the Times as an accent nail. (I love that stuff.) Once I got out into looked like a creepy way. Honestly, it reminded me of this chair. (Possibly NSFW) Needless to say, this isn't a manicure I'll be repeating. But it turned out well, and was good practice.
Essie's Shine of the Times. Possibly my favorite glitter/flaky/shiny
thing EVER.


  1. Shine Of The Times is only issue is it's sooooo thick. Doesn't give you much control over the density of the flakes.

  2. yeah, I can see that. But I like that it's thick.

  3. Ahahah, after clicking on the photo of the chair, what I saw cannot be unseen. Hahaha!

  4. Put drops of remover into the bottle and shake it. One drop at a time so you don't over do it. Mine spreads so much easier now.

  5. The ones without the accent looks AMAZEBALLS!


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