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Cute Overload: My tiny polish addict

My girls love polish. It's one of my crowning achievements as a parent. My two year old LOVES nail polish, and will beg for it in stores. I try to limit her to "quick dry" formulas, since she is squirmy. She picked out this blue (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Brisk Blue...again.) forever ago at CVS. Blue is a close second for her all-time favorite colors. Purple (which is what she has on now, my little fashion plate) is her absolute favorite. For the longest time, all nail polish was "purple!". She is pretty good about sitting still for painting, notsomuch for the photography part...

Attempt 1: She wants to SEE the picture. She doesn't realize I have to take it first.
Attempt 4,743: nine blue nails. She has ten, but this is as still and in-focus as she gets.


  1. Somehow...I think you kinda had my kid. lol

    Though at her age I liked pink and maybe not.

    Still, so great to see someone starting *exactly* the way I did!

    1. she is so obnoxiously cute about nail polish. Makes going to CVS a challenge though. She knows EXACTLY where the polish is.

  2. She's gorgeous and lovely that she'll be able share your enjoyment of polish as she grows:). It's that that I think I miss out on most by not having had children


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