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Bar Soap to Body Wash

I like body washes. Not the frou-frou ones, in general, but the regular soapy ones. It's just easier, and I get to use my fancy-shmancy sea sponge. But I have a hard time finding non-antibacterial bar soaps that don't irritate the hell out of my skin. Olay is about the only one that doesn't. But I'm cheap and didn't want to shell out for their liquid stuff. (seriously, why is that shit so expensive?) So in the interests of science, I made my own...sorta.

2 bars of the soap of your choice. You could even make your own
4 cups of water. If you have hard water, like I do, maybe use distilled or filtered.
Grater (and when you get mad that the soap is plugging all the holes, a knife)
A good sized pot
Heat-proof trivet/surface (this stuff is hot!)
Some sort of container to store your new body wash in. I used a milk jug. Don't judge me.
my two bars of soap. 

all ground up. Finally. Least favorite part ever.

Heat the water until its practically boiling. It'll make dissolving the soap chunks faster.
Stir...and stir.. Then get your friend to stir until the feeling comes back into your arm.
Pour into your super fancy container. You can use a funnel if you need to.
this is the consistency when it's finally cool enough to touch. It will thicken up A LOT a few days later.

hooray bubbles!


  1. Your milk jug is super fancy. ;) This is such a neat idea!


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