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Number One Nemesis + Licorice

Many moons ago, I picked up the Amazing Spiderman mini-pack at Ulta. Mostly for "Just Spotted the Lizard."  I didn't really give any of the other polishes a second glance before stashing them away. But last week, feeling uninspired, I decided to go through my minis and see what was to be had. I came across "Number One Nemesis"...and looking at the bottle against the black nail polish I was already wearing, it reminded me of art-deco jewelry. Specifically, this onyx ring my mom wore when I was wee. So of course, I had to use it. But since I was still feeling kinda "meh" about the whole nail art thing, I just did a simple diagonal tape job with it. I think, if I were to do it again, I'd definitely get a little more detailed.

Colors Used:
Essie in Licorice
OPI in Number One Nemesis

in full sunlight. I really love this combo.
 I'd just like to say that it took me three goddamned days to take a decent picture of this manicure. THREE DAYS. That is ridiculous. I'm not saying I don't love the weather here, because I do...but C'MON! Three days without sunshine? Really, Mother Nature?

What "summer" looks like on the central California coast. The ocean is in this picture, somewhere beyond all the fog.


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    1. Thanks! I was quite fond of it. And surprisingly, it wore really well. I forgot to put a topcoat on, and there were no chips and minimal wear after a week. Color me impressed.

  2. haha! That description of the weather picture! Naaais! I just feel the same right now. Been sporting a cool mani all week and have only been able to take pictures of it on Friday. Wait a second. Friday! Everything had chipped, of course.

    The mani is simple but very nice, in fact I wouldn't change anything!

    1. aww thanks! Some weeks, we dont see the sun at all, and I am forced to brighten the pictures on the computer. :/ Still better than having to run the a/c I guess...


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