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Shocking Seas and Licorice

No, that isn't a description of my weekend plans. It's the names of the two colors I used for this manicure. I picked up another Maybelline Color Show polish, and I'm still not sure I like them. The formula is kinda thin, as are the brushes. But some of the colors are awesome, and I can pick them up at Walmart or Target. 

I'm sure, by now, that you know I don't just polish my nails. Sometimes I do, if the color is special enough...but dammit, I like art and I have loads of scotch tape. 

Maybelline Color Show in "Shocking Seas" (which is disappointingly close to a SH color I already had)
Essie "Licorice"
Sally Hansen Double Duty basecoat
Essie Good to Go fast-dry topcoat
scotch tape

the easiest and most fun thing to do with tape

damn topcoat dragged the black a little, but I still like the final product.


  1. This looks amazing! I have tried to do stuff like this with tape and I always fail lol

    1. Thanks! It's always hit and miss for me. I never seem to wait long enough before I put a topcoat on. Or I forget and take them tape off 15 minutes later...


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