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Make Your Own Manicure Cleanup Tool - For FREE

These are the best thing I've ever found for cleanup! I do the fine detail with an angle brush in acetone first, but then you're left with some staining, especially if your polish is dark or red...or if there's glitter or flakes. These won't get *everything* off, but they're a great finishing touch and take off things brushes leave behind. The best part? They're made with a found material...public bathroom paper towels, so they're FREE!  You don't need to take a huge piece or anything, since each is made from a small strip and can be reused until too dirty or fuzzy. You want to get the most heavily textured and lint-free kind you can. The embossed roll is better than the folded kind, in my experience.

Rip off an oblong piece a bit smaller than your palm

Fold in half the long way, repeatedly until about 1/2"/1cm thick

...then fold over, end-to-end, so the 'front' is smooth...

....and I'm OCD, so I also fold in any little edges that stick out

And that's it! I dip these in acetone and press as I rub, in one smooth motion toward the tip, down both sides. Takes off most stuff. When one side gets gross, I fold it a different way, and then throw it out when it's beyond use. Silly little tutorial, I know, but I hope it helps!

*I'm wearing Maybelline Downtown Brown in the photos

*If you don't wanna be a cheapskate, you can buy Kleenex Hand Towels, which have a good texture for this. (-thanks for the heads-up, Mistygreenandblue2 (on Makeupalley))


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