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Bandelettes. Or How to Wear a Skirt and Not Cry.

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I love skirts and dresses. They are comfortable in most weather, and can make just about anyone look classier and more pulled together than they actually are. But, like bazillions of women, I hate the irritation that comes with wearing skirts and dressing without stockings or tights. It's all because of the "chub rub"...that awful burny chafing that comes with having thighs and walking around. Chub rub is the reason I rarely wear skirts. I have tried all sorts of things to avoid it: leggings, footless tights, anti-chafing balm, bike shorts...all completely acceptable, but sub-par, solutions. While I don't live in a hot climate, I am a "hot-blooded" type of person. I like leaving the windows open all year, regardless of weather. So wearing an extra layer of clothing under a skirt is not an ideal option for me. It's pretty much a recipe for misery. Not only to I get overheated and grumpy, but most solutions end up affecting the way my skirts and dresses hang. No one wants to be fussing and fretting over the way a skirt is hanging off their hips all day. It's enough to make me surrender and wear pants.

Then a few weeks ago, I saw a blog post about Bandelettes, and I knew I had found my perfect solution. They are the most elegant (and kinda sexy!) solution to the chub rub problem I've ever seen. Two wide bands of elastic, smooth lace, and some magical grip tape combine to make me a happy skirt-wearing fool. They completely cover the "danger zone" and allow me to walk comfortably for hours. Plus, they are less than half the cost of my favorite brand of footless tights. If I were the short-wearing-type, these wouldnt even look bad poking out of the bottom of a pair of denim shorts.

I did have a few worries before I tried them. Thankfully, they were all unfounded.

  • I hate lace. Hate. Loathe. Abhor. Every lacey thing I've ever had has made me itch so bad I wondered if it were made of burlap. But these are surprisingly smooth and comfortable. Even with my unshaven legs (dont judge me) there were no problems at all. 

  • I was afraid they would roll. If you have thighs, or have ever worn a pair of suspender-free stockings, you probably know what I mean. They fit great...until you stand up and start walking around. The flexing of your legs eventually forces them to roll and sag...and you end up looking like Thelma Harper. But so far, they haven't moved an inch. AT ALL. Which is awesome, because the last thing I want to do is fidget with my undergarments in public. That is never a good look.

  • They wouldn't fit me. There are so many possible "miracle" products nowadays. Perfect bras, perfect tights, perfect shirts...the list is probably endless. But if you are outside of "average" sizing, you're shit-out-of-luck. Not so with the Bandalettes. They actually came in my size, and I have hugemungous (its a word, shut up) thighs. In fact, now that I've worn them and know where I like them best, I think I could go down a size when I buy the nude pair.

TL;DR here is this: If you love skirts, but hate having to fuss with thick layers around your waist and hips then these are for you. Buy two pair. It's still a damn sight cheaper than any previous solution I've found. You can purchase your own pair here, and follow them on Facebook for all the latest news.

*these were sent to me, for free, for the purposes of review...But honestly, I love these so much I was going to buy them anyway...the opinions above are 100% mine and totally unbiased.*


  1. O.M.G. - I thought I was the only one that had this problem. I wear skirts all the time, but generally end up regretting it after a few hours if I've been walking around a lot.

    Those things are so cute !! I might need to get these. Yay !

    1. They are cute!Definitely worth a look. Someone told me there is a coupon code floating around for 15% off too. Seriously though, I wore these things all day, and I was perfectly comfy.

  2. I just ordered these! My worry is that the lace will rub together and end up tearing or wearing out. I've had jeans wear out in the thighs, and lace is a lot more delicate of a fabric.


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