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The post I was readying for today somehow turned out overwhelmingly HUUUUUUGE!  There are almost fifty photos, and I can't see myself removing more than a couple of them from the final draft.  It's already an hour past the time I like I post and I'm still nowhere near done.  Tuesday!  If you love layering you'll want to keep an eye out for it.  At least I think it will be ready for Tuesday.  Sad to say, the the same guy who's been in and out of the hospital this summer went back in yesterday.  Overall he's been doing better, but he needs observation again and maybe more meds.  I'm not backing away from blogging entirely, because it's how I relax and center myself, but my posting might slow down for the next week or so.  My "me time" is important, but I'll be visiting him as often as I can while he's in.  Going to see him at a hospital an hour away winds up being like a part-time job, but it really picks him up.  I love him and I really hope we can get this under control soon.  Poor guy!

I got Candy Coated as my Club At Ulta reward for the last quarter.  Yay for free polish a few times a year, but I wish they'd just switch us to the more flexible Rewards system already.  Lucky Nichole!

Candy Coated is a copper shimmer with a reddish plum base.

This is one coat, but it looks a little patchy in some spots when the sun hits it.  The shimmer and base color coordinate beautifully and make the shade very changeable.  In the soft sunlight of these photos, the plummy base is very obvious, but in artificial light the copper can take over.

I tagged this as "SFW" because I wore it to work and didn't feel like it was too much.  Perfect for fall too!  I think two coats are better than the single coat I used here.  It applied really nicely.  I think I chose well.

I'd planned some nail art for Labor Day, but now I'm not sure I'll have time.  Either way, I hope our US readers have a good last summer hurrah this weekend.


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