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Inspiration: When Things go Awry

In an effort to do more actual art, and less swatching (Amanda is much better at the swatching than I am) I've been cruising pinterest for ideas. I saw this beautiful dress, which I won't show because I might try again, and thought "That would be awesome! I have the perfect colors!" But things went sideways, and I ended up with what I am affectionately calling my "crockpot nails"

My Version:

 My (accidental) Inspiration:


Colors Used:
Ulta Professional Green and Wear it

The Backstory

I had intended to use Sinful Colors Calypso, a lovely dark teal cream. It would have been the perfect color for my original inspiration picture. But I could not get the damn stuff to stamp! At first I thought it was the particular plate I was using, but when I tried other plates it still looked like ass. I figured that this green would work...and it didn't. The combo of the cream and the green left me feeling like a 1980's crockpot. I've stamped with Calypso before and I don't remember it being such a bitch. But this time, it just wouldn't work at all. I'm not unhappy with the outcome here, but it just didn't look like I was hoping. 


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