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My Picks from Sinful Colors Rock It/Glam Rock

This is what I get for calling Bright Essentials confusing.  I don't even know quite what to call some of this recent bunch of displays from Sinful Colors!  Some of these shades showed up first in a display at Wegmans, called Country Charmer.  Then Nouveau Cheap announced a HUGE new endcap at Walgreens...that doesn't have one name, it has three.  None of them are "Country Charmer", but one part is called Country Chic.  I bought my picks from the big display on Tuesday when I finally found it.  Since then Country Charmer has shown up at Rite Aid, along with another called Rock It that seems to coincide with the Glam Rock section of that big display at Walgreens. where does that leave the Heart & Soul part?  I don't know!  Maybe we'll see something like that at Rite Aid soon....or maybe we won't.  My brain is tied in knots trying to figure all of this out. I'm showing you most of the shades from Rock It/Glam Rock.  I didn't buy Glimmer and I don't own Black On Black, but I have swatches of the other six.  Comparisons of these shades and some from the other two sections will be in my next post, along with some of the ones featured in Heart & Soul.  Oy vey!  On to the swatches!  Two new, two core, and two "rerun" swatches from previous posts.

Opening Night is a dark teal shimmer.

So close to being a one-coater, but I used two just to be safe.  If I was really playing it safe, I'd have worn a nude cream under it too.  This is a stainer!  It's gorgeous though and barely has any of the brushstrokes I was expecting for this finish.

It reminds me a bit of Nicole by OPI Too Rich For You, but not as blackened and with a much finer shimmer.  There's something almost metallic about Opening Night.  I mattified it just to see how it would look.  It's nice, but I prefer it glossy.

Silver Screen is a dark silver foil.

Another that's almost there in one coat, but again this is two.  The cleanup was monstrous.  Some little foily bits stuck to me no matter what I did.  I think it *might* be a near dupe for OPI Haven't The Foggiest, but I won't have that collection for another week or two.  I'll compare them when I get them.  I do have a comparison for this, but they're far from dupes and you'll have to wait until Monday.  I mattified this too and I like the result a lot!

Secret Admirer has a black base packed with silver microglitter.

I've had this since the very start of my current polish binge.  It was one of my first Sinful Colors purchases and it's still one of my favorites.  This is two coats.  It's just...perfect, and far prettier in person.  Cameras can't capture the intensity of the silver.

It mattifies beautifully too!

Daddy's Girl is a purple jelly with coppery microfleck shimmer.

Another I've had since last summer, but this was my first time wearing it.  Applying Daddy's Girl felt ENDLESS.  Three coats would probably be enough for short nails, but I used five to hide the nail line as much as possible.

The camera doesn't quite get this one either.  Shame, because it's deep, intense, and interesting.  I'm not sure I'll ever have the patience to wear five coats of it again, but it seems like it has a lot of layering potential too.  How did I not wear it sooner!?

Reruns this time too!  Click on the shade names to see the reviews.

Sugar Sugar is a red shimmer with copper microfleck shimmer.

Mesmerize is a deep, dusty indigo cream.

Bottom line: The two new shades, Opening Night and Silver Screen are complete winners!  The two core shades Daddy's Girl (core at Rite Aid) and Secret Admirer (core at Walgreens) are among my favorites.  The two reruns are also favorites.  This whole collection is full of win!

Back to work tonight.  It flew by, but I feel really refreshed and I got a lot of swatching done and had a great time with family and friends while I was off.  Baked a cake too!  If only I had another week....but it's time.  *sigh*  I'll have the rest of my new Sinful Colors swatches up on Monday....and a quick non-update for Slimdown Saturday, of course...see you then!


  1. Hmmm - why must this company continue to be so confusing. I hate that.

    Silver Screen is giving me a bit of the Sally Hansen Shoot the Moon vibe ? I LOVE Shoot the Moon - one of my favorites of the salon polishes.

    Daddy's Girl is shockingly sheer, that was a major disappointment for me when I discovered lt. It's a pretty color but I don't have that kind of patience.

    I might need to find Opening Night !

    1. Yeah, they're a running brain-teaser...but I forgive them every time!

      That's the one! ;) Comparison will be up on Monday.

      Yeah, I've been puzzling over a base for it since swatching it. Something sheer-ish, but not as sheer. Maybe L'Oreal Berry Nice.

      I think you do! It's beautiful and the formula's great!

    2. LOL - great minds and all. Re: Shoot the Moon.

      Looking forward to the comparison !

    3. Daddy's girl reminds me of both Milani Totally Cool and Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz (which are both really sheer) but WORSE. I don't usually have the patience for either of those on their own much less Daddy's Girl, which is a pity because it could have been amazing.

      I suggest layering it over something else like Zoya Mimi for super sparkle goodness or Savina Purple Passion for a shimmer base, both work great.


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