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Who Knew? Dog Grooming Glove

Wait, wait. Let me explain! I saw a post on Reddit (that I cannot find for the life of me) suggesting that Target carried a pet grooming glove that was a dupe for Sigma's brush cleaning glove. I was immediately interested, because the Sigma glove is nearly $40, and the pet glove is only $7. I decided I needed to test this...even if I couldn't properly compare the two. ($40 for a glove I don't *really* need is out of my price range, sorry.)

it's huge!

the smooth side vs the nubby side

Surprisingly, I found the glove, by Boots and Barkley, at my local Target. It was $7 and came in a few colors. It has swirls on one side of different length and size rubbery nubs, presumably for catching pet hair. The opposite side has a microfiber-ish looking pad...for smoothing pet hair? It would also do fairly well to blot brushes against. It even has an elastic band at the wrist with an adjustable Velcro strap, so you don't have to worry about this falling off. It looks surprisingly like the Sigma one, and I wonder if that wasn't a consideration when they made it?

Does It Work? 

top: before/bottom: after

Yes it does.

I tried it on all my brushes in need of washing (I think maybe 9?). I squirted a bit of soap onto the glove and then swirled my wet brushes, one at a time, onto different spots on the glove. It seemed to work the soap in deeper into the bristles than just swishing it against my hand does. The smaller, more tightly packed nubs seemed to do a great job of cleaning my smaller brushes as well. For my eyeliner brushes, which are quite small, I rubbed them against the side of the nubs. When it came time to rinse the brushes, I simply rinsed all the soap off the glove, and swirled each brush against the nubs. This is where I really noticed the difference. In my denser brushes, I often have a hard time getting all the soap out. This glove seemed to cut my rinsing time in half. That alone is enough to make this glove worth the cost. I often wear Bare Minerals, and that is all applied with brushes. Cleaning Day can often last an hour, if I have to do the whole collection.

So get thee to Target, and pick up one of these gloves! If you love silly things, like I do, then you will love this. It's totally unnecessary, but still useful. I tried to link to the actual one I bought, but I could not find it on Target's website. I did find this one on Amazon, which is pretty similar.


  1. Hell, I'm going to have to look it up! I've been contemplating the Sigma glove, but if this thing works that well, I will just go to Target today! Thanks for the review.

    1. I was completely surprised by how much I liked this glove. I thought it'd be a gimmick, but it's kinda awesome. And for $7, it's definitely worth checking out.

  2. Brilliant! Just wondering, what kind of brushes do you have? I'm wondering about getting some new ones/expanding my range :)

    1. I've got a huge stash of Bare Minerals brushes, because for years that's all I wore. I semi-recently bought two sets of Real Techniques brushes, and I'm really liking them. They are super affordable, a seem to work really well. Ive also heard great things about the ELF Studio line of brushes, but I have yet to try them.

  3. There is also a kitchen glove by norpro on amazon which looks a lot like the Sigma one (it is slightly different but they are close). It's a little over $10.

    1. hmm. I have a kitchen glove (they are awesome) and I never thought of using it to clean my brushes.


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