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Urban Decay Limited Edition Polish in Addiction

I have a life-long fangirl crush on Urban Decay. Anyone who knows me understands this. It all stems from my high school days, and my love for wild and weird makeup colors. But Urban Decay was well out of my "less than a dollar" price range back then. Growing up does have the occasional benefit. 

My one regret is that I didn't sell a kidney and buy all their polish back when they actually made a full line. Now they make a small collection every now and then, and I have to scramble to get my hands on it. I managed to get my hands on one of the new polishes (by cashing in the remainder of my Ulta points) and I must admit: I'm still in love.

The bottle is slick. The handle is a purply chromed color and there is a tiny skull on the lid (sorry, I couldn't get my camera to focus.) The amount of fingerprints on the handle is too damned high, but I love the look of it. It's got a decent brush that handles the foily texture well, which was a surprise.

Foily polished like this tend to be frothy and weird to maneuver, but this one was easy and pleasant. Cleanup was a bitch, which was to be expected. Glittery bits everywhere. But that was no surprise, really. I used three coats for full coverage, but I think shorter nails would only need two coats. It also has good wear time, I think I got 3 days of this without any chips. Honestly, even if it sucked, I'd be hard pressed to hate it. I's Urban Decay. I'd love it regardless.

The color is the strangest shade of "army green" with a bit of gray in there. I'd almost compare it to OPI Number One Nemesis...but green. It's definitely got the same feel. Once I shake this cold (Thanks, elementary school) I will definitely give them a side-by-side try.

under my LED

in natural light. It's so lovely!


  1. It looks gorgeous, and I do love when brands make special bottles. It can only add to the content :)

    1. agreed. I love a fancy bottle, if for no other reason than the shelf appeal it has.

  2. I'm totally in love with this color. I need dis.

  3. I got Vice which is amazing and you need it ;)

    1. oh man, if you could have seen me in the store trying to decide. I felt like someone asked me which kid I liked best!

  4. I can't wait to see your comparison! In the meantime I'm definitely going to have to head to Ulta and check out the display.


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