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This Takes Me Back!

Here's another of my "consolation prize" purchases because the nail supply store didn't have OPI San Francisco yet.  That store is overwhelming in all kinds of ways.  Hundreds of shades of polish, tools, foils, nail art stuff, salon supplies...and all at dizzyingly low prices.  I intentionally kept myself from looking around too much the first few times I was there.  I stuck to just the brands I know...those are dangerous enough!  This time though, sulking my way around the aisles, my eye wandered to the wall of old-style Sations and related brands and I  A screamingly retro multichrome that needed to be mine.  Everything about Chelsea Kaleidoscope is so wonderfully, crushingly '90s that it just kills me.  That bottle shape!  That font!  It doesn't have toluene, or it would be a complete passport to my teens.  It's like being 16 again...without all of the awful parts, like school.

Kaleidoscope has a sheer periwinkle blue base densely packed with purple/red/gold/green multichrome shimmer.

over Zoya Hunter

*sigh* I can't really even say much about Kaleidoscope.  It's just so....right.  It's making me all misty.  This is two coats over Zoya Hunter, a deep green.  I love that the shimmer isn't ultra-fine like a lot of recent duochromes.  Kaleidoscope applies beautifully, which isn't surprising since it was made by Miss Professional, the company that makes Sation.  I say "was" because I'm 99% sure they don't make this line anymore.  What a shame!

I tried to limit myself to as few photos as possible, but...who am I kidding?  I took a couple hundred and it was tough to even limit myself to this "few".  I tucked the rest under the cut...and there are a TON, including sponged and mattified.

I had to see what sponging would do to something that was already so outstanding.  In sunlight, not much.

...until all of a sudden....

...and then...

...and sticking with my matte mania....

I almost fell over backwards trying to get this last photo.  That livingroom ceiling.  I should have just lay on the floor.  Derp!

I have no clue how old this stuff is.  Anyone know?


  1. Gahhhhhhh, I love it !!!! I'm guessing it's pretty old, but I have no idea. You have a treasure trove in that beauty supply store ! I want to send you money and just say " get me ALL THE THINGS" !

    I'm on a holo and duo/multi chrome bender lately. I can't even look at the chunky glitters anymore. #blasphemy

    1. It's something, isn't it? It called out to me. I don't have a clue how old it is either! lol It goes for a stupid price on ebay and is a dupe for a Nubar shade, but that's about all I could find.

      They have some serious "am I really seeing this" stuff there. I've done triple-takes over some of the things I've found there.

      Duo/multichromes are my first and forever loves. Magical.

  2. It looks like Nubar Peacock Feathers sort of. Or maybe Purple Beach. After seeing your pics today, I ran into the little Asian supply hoping they would have new stuff. They actually have some ancient Sinfuls, waaaaay old. I need to research !

    1. I think Purple Beach is the one.

      That's awesome! In the old, round bottles?

    2. The bottles look the same, but they had a #7 - that has to be old, right ? I forgot the color name. They had some in the low 100s too.
      I don't know that much about Sinful, but these are not colors I've seen in the past few years I've been collecting in a significant way.

      Nubar Purple Beach is gorgeous ! It was one of the first polishes I ordered online. Peacock Feathers is a huge lemming, it goes for $$$ on EBay. I'll probably never own it.


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