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My Picks from Zoya Cashmeres

Zoya read my mind when they had their Camo promo.  Somehow they knew which four of the Cashmere shades I wanted most and made them free with a $32 purchase.  Perfect!  That promo's over, but they've got their BOGO on again, now through 8/25.  It's always so tough to pare down a list when they do these promos.  I eyed Sailor for a pretty long time, but in the end I wound up with glittering soft gold Tomoko and my Satins picks which you'll see tomorrow.  I actually resisted a blue cream!?  Hard to believe, isn't it?  I might have to add it to my next Zoya purchase.  If it's anything like the rest of these creams and blue I don't know if I'll be able to hold myself back.  Let's start with my favorite of the four...

Flynn is a camel brown cream.

I'm always thrilled to find something new I can wear to work!  It's SFW, but not boring.  The formula's good too.  It's just shy of being a one-coater.  It's thick, but it's smooth.  I got a little bit of pinprick bubbling, but it was the first Zoya cream I'd worn in a while so my application might have been the problem.  I thinned it just a little and it applied perfectly the second time.  That's right, I've already worn Flynn twice!  Originally it reminded me of a couple of the shades from Revlon's Naked Tips collection, but it's not a dupe for Nude Beige or Natural Tan.  As much as I love neutrals, I don't have any dupes for Flynn.  For something as straight-forward as a neutral cream, it's not the easiest to photograph true-to-color.  It's warm, but with cool (almost green) undertones so it changes with the warmth of the light.  So do my fingers.

accent topped with Maria-Luisa I was a little sneaky.  One of my picks from the Satins collection won my heart so completely and paired so well with Flynn that I couldn't wait another day!  My mind only goes one place with the name though...

Louise is a deep chocolate brown cream.

The collection's other neutral is my second favorite.  So rich and chocolaty!  Sadly, it's too dark for me to wear to work.  Two coats on this too.  Louise's formula is much thinner than Flynn's.  I had a little bit of cuticle flooding, but it wasn't too difficult.

Hunter is a warm green cream with some cool undertones and a bit of dustiness.

Zoya calls the color "sea green", but I don't think it's quite that blue.  Two-coater too, but on the thicker side.  It's got a softness to it that makes it less daring than many green polishes.  It could be a good "starter" green if you've been daunted before.  It's so perfect for fall, when most other greens would be too crisp.

Pepper is a brick red cream.

It's a bit darker on me in person, almost a blood red.  I love it!  I can never have too many variations on red creams.  They're so classic.  It's got a really good formula too, probably the best of these four.  Two coats, like the others.  It varies a bit with the light and it is just gorgeous!

Bottom line: I'd recommend all of them, but I love Flynn way more than the other three.  It's work-appropriate, but with some personality.  They all apply well and the saturated, yet slightly soft, colors are so perfect for fall!

I'll be back tomorrow with three of the Satins.  I'll say it again...Maria-Luisa won a special place in my heart.  I have a few other gold flakie top coats, but it's the best!  See you then.


  1. I'm definitely ordering Hunter and Pepper. I don't have anything like either of them. Sailor is REALLY tempting too, even though I own so. many. blues. And Flynn just makes me think of Tron, which makes me want it even though I really dislike camel as a color.

  2. oh crumb buns, you have talked me into needing most of these. doh!

  3. Flynn and Maria Luisa were immediate must-buys when I saw them. Your photos only confirm this! Now I just have to wait for my no-buy to be over...

  4. Flynn and Louise are gorgeous! I love browns :)


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