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My Picks from Wet n Wild Wild Shine Pop Art Craze

The eyeshadows from Wet n Wild's new Pop Craze are getting most of the attention.  I'll be breaking my "all nails, all the time" pattern to swatch and review them soon, but I also picked up four of the six new nail polish shades.  I passed on A Blank Canvas because it's a repromotion of their French White and The Clock Strikes Orange because I'm still learning to like orange.  The four I did get fit the Andy Warhol theme really perfectly.  The colors are bright, but without being neon and are just right for that time period.  They're almost dark pastels in a way.  There's a hint of dustiness.  It's very Mary Quant.  The names are even better than the colors...though I'd have been even happier if there was a S.C.U.M. reference.  *evil laugh*

Who Is Ultra Violet? is a slightly dusty amethyst purple cream.

These polishes aren't the easiest to work with, so I decided to start with the best formula first.  This is three coats and it applied well.  You can see there's a thin spot on my index, but that's mostly the angle.  The opacity is decent otherwise, though they're all thinner than I like.  I couldn't get my camera to catch the color just right.  The slightly milky formula makes it a little tricky, since it looks brighter in direct sunlight.  It's a bit warmer than the top photo, but generally not as bright as the one below.

I actually went outside!

By the way, she is.

Listening To Blue Reed is a medium sky blue cream.

This is three coats and has the second best formula.  I'll admit...I got it for the name.  Then I got the others to keep it company.  I love some of Lou Reed's music, though more with The Velvet Underground than solo.  Especially "Sweet Jane".  I was born in '82 and my parents were folkies with hippie friends, so I always felt like there was this time I'd missed with just the last little hints of it around me.  That song more than most others has a vibe of freedom, rebellion, knowing innocence...and a sense of pining for a bygone time.  I'm not sure if that's appropriate or ironic and I don't think it matters.  It's poetry and the reaction might be as valid as the intention.  Wait...isn't this a nail polish review?  Sorry about that tangent.  It's a good blue cream with a workable, but thin formula.  The color is crisp without being

Teal Slowly And See is a bright cyan cream.

This is the streakiest of the bunch.  I had to use quick-dry top coat between coats to keep it under control.  Three coats here too.  I love the color, but it's not the best on me.  Something about it brings out murky pink undertones in my skin.  Shame, because it is pretty.  Something about the formula didn't get along with my top coat either.  Streaky "ruts" like little tire tracks showed up on some nails.  They're tiny enough that you don't really see them in person, but they still bother me a bit.  I think this polish is for more patient people...with different coloring.

Stand The Test Of Lime is a bright spring green cream.

Wow is this sheer!  It's like alien milk.  I had to use FIVE coats.  You can still get a vague hint of my nail line too!  The awesome color is worth some of the trouble, but I'll wear it over a nude next time to help it along.

Bottom line: Awesome colors, iffy formulas.  I think part of the problem here is that these shades (like all Wild Shine polish) don't have mixing balls.  You can shake the hell out of them without really much of a result.  If you're really nuts for them and want to try to fix the issues it might be worth adding a ball yourself.  If you're patient...and maybe if your nails are can probably apply them with more ease than I did.  I'd recommend them for the colors, but with a warning about the formulas.

Did you get any of these or any of the eyeshadow trios?  What'd you think of them?


  1. I love that green but 5 coats? Uh uh! Do you know the source of the name for Teal Slowly & See? The name of the Velvet Underground's box set was Peel Slowly and See. It had a banana made of cling film on the outside of the box, and if you peeled it down, there was a pink banana underneath... but it looked like something other than a banana! LOL!

    1. Yeah, I think it would be better over a nude base. Such a great color though! I do know about that. (It was the cover of their first album, The Velvet Underground & Nico, too.) Notorious! lol Up there with The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album art.

  2. I really wanted teal slowly and see but it was sold out everywhere :( would you happen to know of any dupes for this color?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Love your stuff on here :) I just found an awesome color by Sephora called Myrtille - but they seem to have discontinued it :( Any ideas of a possible match?

    1. hmm, thats tricky. I have Myrtille, and it's kinda unique. I will keep an eye out, and post to twitter if I find one ;)


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