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Slimdown Saturday: Trying to Un-Meh

Note- This feature touches on a lot of issues for me and may include what you consider TMI, whether physical or emotional.  Harassing comments will be deleted.

I'll skip the intro bit here and just meet you under the cut.  TMI warning, so you might want to skip it.

After a rough couple of weeks I know I've gained weight.  I didn't weigh myself today because I don't want to know how much I've gone up.  I decided I need to muster my determination and set myself back on the right track again.  I overindulged for all kinds of reasons.  Hormones, stress,'s just been all of the same old pitfalls as ever.  I had  some of the worst PMS I've had in ages this month.  Almost two weeks of it!  It's normally pretty bad, but this was absurd both for the duration and the severity.  I felt like hell.  A sad, hungry, dejected mess.  It's easy to get stuck in a loop when I get like that.  I'll turn to "comfort foods", but then feel guilty.  The guilt stresses me out, so I eat.  That makes me feel worse, which makes me eat more and make worse food choices.  Recently I've been trying to break this pattern and turn that guilt in another, more positive, direction.  I want to see if I can redirect the guilt to the duration of the binge, not its contents.

This isn't a new strategy for me.  I've done it for the past few months while I've been writing this weekly series.  Most of the time I've kept the splurging to either sensible foods in large quantities or just a day or two of bad stuff.  These past two weeks I found myself unable to either control my portion size or avoid unhealthy foods.  I overdid it to the point of feeling sick several times, but I didn't bully myself about it.  I knew I'd pull myself together when I was ready.  Now it's time.  I don't feel good about the past two weeks.  Knowing you're out of control never feels good, but I'm not angry or disgusted with myself.  I think it helps.

My WWDiary settings have my new week begin at 12am Saturday, to match my workweek beginning at 11pm Friday.  That's part of the reason these posts go up on Saturdays.  It's a fresh week for me each time I write one.  Today I'm starting over.  I'm tracking my points again and trying to stay in control.

I don't know if I'll ever overcome binge eating entirely, at least not without professional help.  I've considered seeing a therapist for that and other problems.  I probably should.  For now though, I figure that binges will happen and that beating myself up about it will only make them worse.  I'm trying to stay positive instead, thinking about how good I feel (physically and emotionally) when I'm eating right.  It's an uphill climb, but that's good exercise, right?


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  1. i admire your courage to share this information.

    like you, my weight issues are a direct result of binge eating (and drinking). i'm nearly 40, have had plenty of therapy for depression and anxiety, and that has not changed. it's probably the toughest battle for a lot of us.

    good luck to you as you continue your journey. i'll be reading.

  2. I applaud you for expressing to your readers your issues and your plans for overcoming them. I hope that you find the strength to fight and defeat your demons.

  3. I had written a long post, but my internet ate it :(
    Long story short, I run a nonprofit for people affected by eating disorders.
    I'll just leave this here-- it's some info on how to counteract that sort of "tunnel-vision" or "auto-pilot" mode that kicks in right before bingeing (or whatever symptoms people use):
    Hope it's helpful. If not, no worries.
    Good luck to you, and kudos for being open and honest. I can guarantee you are FAR from alone in the struggle with food.


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