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My Picks from KleanColor 3D Duochrome

Last week I went to the nail supply store hoping they'd have the new OPI San Francisco collection.  No such luck.  I can never leave that place without a bunch of polish though.  The prices are so good that I usually leave with at least ten things.  This time was no different.  They'd added a lot of stuff since the last time I was there (the drive there SUCKS, so I don't go often) and I was really excited to see a few new rows of KleanColor.  They had the new Scented and Matte shades, which were reeeeally tempting...until I saw the new 3D shades.  There are three sub-collections, 3D Duochrome, 3D Glitter, and 3D Texture.  I'd never even heard of these and I can't find them on the KleanColor site, aside from these.  I showed a little restraint and only got three of the Duochrome shades....for now.  (Well...among other things.)  The store has an 11/$10 deal on KleanColor and I'll be going back soon to get those OPI's.

Bright/Moody is a red/plum/blue multichrome shimmer in a sheer black base.

over OPI Pamplona Purple

This is one coat over OPI Pamplona Purple.  It applied smoothly and evenly.  KleanColor generally has a great formula, especially for an ultra-bargain brand, and this is no exception.  The quality really makes the unique KleanColor stink worth it.  Of the three I bought, Bright/Moody has the darkest base.  You can barely tell what's under there.  I didn't wear it on its own, but I think maybe 3-4 coats would do it.  The shift is terrific!  It's even better than I expected looking at the bottle.  It looks its best in my kitchen's duochrome sweet spot, under the dinette lamp.  Just look at all that's going on here...

over OPI Pamplona Purple

Because the base is so dark, there isn't a lot of difference between my two layering choices.

over OPI Pamplona Purple, with accent over black

The black base on my ring finger brings out the shift more and downplays the red a bit.

over OPI Pamplona Purple, with accent over black

It's gorgeous either way, but I think the black has a bit more oomph.

over OPI Pamplona Purple, with accent over black

I mattified it too, but I'm not crazy about the result.

over OPI Pamplona Purple, with accent over black, mattified

I think the OPI Matte Top Coat I used might have been too much.  A softer matte might work better.  It shows the shift even more clearly though.

over OPI Pamplona Purple, with accent over black, mattified

Bold/Classic has a variety of tiny color shifting flecks in a sheer black base.

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life

The shimmer in Bold/Classic reminds me of OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service in miniature.  There's almost too much going on to be able to describe it.  There's fuchsia, teal, green, and gold and the shift brings out even more gold.  In the sun it goes crazy!

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life

As cool as it looks in the sun, I love it even more under the dinette lamp.

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life

*happy sigh*  So beautiful!  The sheerer base makes a huge difference in how it layers too.  The contrast between the blue and black is really obvious.

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life, with accent over black

Again, the black steps the intensity up.  The shimmer comes out even more strongly in the sun too.

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life, with accent over black

The gold shift is also a bit bolder over the black.

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life, with accent over black

The larger shimmer particles mean it mattifies better too.  I really love how it looks!

over SpaRitual Circle Of Life, with accent over black, mattified

Wicked/Angelic is a gold/green/fuchsia multichrome shimmer in a clear base with a slight smoky tint.

over China Glaze Masai Red

In sunlight Wicked/Angelic doesn't have a lot going on.  The fuchsia shimmer's there and just a little bit of green.  Then in incandescent light it changes entirely.

over China Glaze Masai Red

Multichrome magic!  I'm overwhelmed by the strength of the shift.  At extreme angles it's even more intense.

over China Glaze Masai Red

I did a black accent nail for this one too.  The contrast between the two layering combos really shows just how much potential Wicked/Angelic has.

over China Glaze Masai Red, with black accent

....and then in the right light....

over China Glaze Masai Red, with accent over black

It mattifies pretty well too.  Over black it reminds me of a smooth version of Orly Space Cadet.  The shift colors are similar.

over China Glaze Masai Red, with accent over black, mattified

Tons, just tons, of potential!

over China Glaze Masai Red, with accent over black, mattified

I figured I might as well compare them to each other over black too.

Wicked/Angelic * Bold/Classic * Bright/Moody - over black

They're more varied over black than I'd expected.  It really highlights the differences in shift and shimmer size.

Bright/Moody * Bold/Classic Wicked/Angelic - over black

Bottom line: Ringing, resounding yes to all three!  All applied really evenly when layering and didn't leave patches.  Bright/Moody's base is dark enough that it obscured the purple base I tried it over, but it might have better results over a lighter or brighter base.  It would probably also do well on its own with a few coats.  The other two layer like champs!  The shift in Bold/Classic isn't as strong, but the larger shimmer makes up for that.  They all have the KleanColor smell and some people have drying issues with the brand, but otherwise, I can't say anything against them.  I haven't checked, but eBay sellers probably have these listed if you can't find them in a beauty supply, flea market, etc.  I wish some big chain would start carrying them.

I don't usually mention my weightloss progress outside of Slimdown Saturday posts, but...I'm back below 200!  I get to wear my reward polish on Friday!!  I can't wait!!  Now if only Ninja Polish would restock Mystic Glacier...


  1. Whoa - those are awesome ! The beauty supplies I go to (read : little Asian markets) never, ever have new stuff. Ever. I get a major side eye if I dare ask when they might get new polishes.

    How was the dry time ? That's one problem I have with Kleancolor - long, ass dry time. I can deal with the smell, but no patience for the drying issues.

    Also - congrats on the weightloss !! That's fantastic.

    Ulta has the San Fran collection now. Alcatraz....Rocks is beyond - beyond.

    1. Thanks! :) I didn't have any dry-time issues, but KleanColor doesn't have trouble drying on me. I know it *never* dries on some people. I have that issue with some Revlon Color Stay shades, but not KC.

      Thank you! :D I'm 29lbs down as of yesterday. I'm weighing myself again tomorrow night before I write the next Slimdown post and I'm hoping for another pound. 30lbs down AND under 200 would be that much better...but I'm happy either way. I feel so much better!

      I might go to Ulta and look to try to figure out what I'll buy, but the nail supply has them for less than half-price.

  2. I know this is a very late comment.I hope you will not miss it.I googled duochromes and found your post.Just wondering if these would stamp well.

  3. I'm not seeing a true shift as much as I am seeing shimmer. *shrugs*


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