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OPI Casino Royale vs Sonia Kashuk Hocus Pocus

Forever and a half ago, I grabbed a bottle of Sonia Kashuk polish while it was on clearance at Target. I wondered back then if it could be a dupe for Casino Royale from the OPI Skyfall collection. Once I finally got my hands on Casino Royale, I had completely forgotten about comparing the two.

Fast forward six months, and I finally remember!

bottles are nearly the same size, OPI is just 1ml more.

In the bottle:
Casino Royale is definitely lighter more red. It reminds me of a plum. Hocus Pocus is decidedly more purple, more like the skin of an eggplant. They are close, but definitely not the same.

On the nail:
Casino Royale is definitely easier to apply than Hocus Pocus. I used 3 thin coats on Casino Royale, where Hocus Pocus needed 5 thin coats to hide the streaks.  Casino Royale definitely has a much nicer, more creamy consistency. It was easy to apply, and not prone to flooding. Hocus Pocus, in contrast, ran all over the place...flooding my cuticles and sides.

in natural light. Both of these colors react
well to my LED.

Final Word:
Definitely not dupes, but close. I think they are close enough that, unless you really like purples, you don't need both shades. Especially considering how grumpy Hocus Pocus can be. My husband can tell the difference between the two with ease, which is definitely saying something.

And...just for funsies: Matte! They both look lovely with a matte coat.

my Butter London matte topcoat is being weird. I
think it's time to wipe down the bottle again.


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