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Three New KleanColor Glitters

I was so happy when I found a place to buy KleanColor!  A nail supply store in Philadelphia has what I think is the entire line and I get transfixed by the overwhelming variety every time I go.  I went back last week hoping to find OPI's new San Francisco collection.  No luck!  I consoled myself by "splurging" on eleven KleanColors for $10.  Love that price so much!  They've added a ton of new stuff to the range this year, in three categories.  I skipped getting any of the Scented shades, though some are really pretty, because scents sometimes give me headaches or make me sneeze.  I might get some anyway on a future trip because...well...some are really pretty.  On my last trip I looked very longingly at a bunch of the 3D and Matte shades, but limited myself to just three from the 3D Duochrome collection.  This time I went for it and bought the other three from that bunch and some of the 3D Glitters and Matte Glitters.  They've been calling to me from my swatching bins and three jumped out as perfect partners for yesterday's CoverGirl Glosstinis.

What A Steal! is a mix of small silver hexagonal glitter and silver, blue, and purple microglitter in a clear base.

over CoverGirl Purple Freeze

Both of the 3D Glitters I bought are busy mixes that manage to avoid being chaotic.  I can't exactly say how many coats this is, since I applied it by dabbing with the brush.  Two-ish is about right, I guess.  These glitters don't have mixing balls, so when they settle (moderately, with maybe 1/4" of base at the top) it's tough to mix them back together by shaking.  It's not much of an issue though, since swirling the brush mixes it back together without causing bubbles and gives a better blend of glitter.  The hexagons are a bit sparse, but it works.  The microglitter takes over and I love how it looks.  It didn't take much top coat to smooth out either, which is always good.   I think I love it even more mattified though...

over CoverGirl Purple Freeze, mattified

On-Off Relationship has medium, small, and tiny seafoam green hexagonal glitter in a clear base that dries matte.

over CoverGirl Blue Hawaiian

This one's a little...odd.  The glitter is really cool and not like anything I've seen outside of indie brands...but the base?  The base is....odd.  It dries matte, but not very matte.  Nothing too weird about that, since it describes itself as a matte glitter.  The weird part is that you can't really wear it without top coat.  That makes the matte base sorta pointless.  The glitter needs to be dabbed on for an even application, nothing unusual there, but the base is VERY thick (and bubbled a little bit) so the result is lumpy.  Lumpy and slightly matte.  Hmm.  No.  I slathered it in two coats of Gelous to smooth it out.  That, of course, made it glossy.  I "fixed" that with matte top coat, but that really only highlights what I'm saying about the weirdness of the matte base.  Still, I really like this glitter!

over CoverGirl Blue Hawaiian, mattified

Love U Teal I Find Someone Better blends holographic blue medium-sized hexagonal glitter with small green-gold and blue hexagonal glitter and blue microglitter in a clear base.

over CoverGirl Appletini

That might be the longest description I've ever written.  It's definitely top five.  So much going on here, but it's not cluttered at all!  I think KleanColor was going for an indie vibe with these 3D Glitters.  They seem like they've got great frankening potential too.  Again, "coats" are sorta irrelevant since this needs dabbing.  I mattified it too.  It kills the holo effect on the larger hexes, but I still like it a lot!

over CoverGirl Appletini, mattified

Bottom line: If you're patient enough to dab glitters on (and you don't have drying issues with the brand), I highly recommend these...if you can find them.  There are a bunch more new glitters than just the few I got and I might snag a more when I'm back at the nail supply.  The price is amazing and they're a bargain, because they're more interesting than a lot of mainstream glitters.

Have you ever spotted KleanColors in the wild?  I wish a drugstore chain would carry them.


  1. Oh I love that On-Off Relationship. Kleancolor polish smells so bad to me though. I challenge you to find me a dupe!

  2. You should seriously try the metallic matte shades from Kleancolor too. O.O I tried out the three I bought from a local dollar store tonight and they look amaaazing. Great formulas too.

    1. Ooooh! I think I might have to get a few of those next time then. They will have those OPI's eventually, I'm sure.

  3. You should seriously try the metallic matte shades from Kleancolor too. O.O I tried out the three I bought from a local dollar store tonight and they look amaaazing. Great formulas too.

  4. I love your blog, and I am constantly drooling over all of your polish! You've made me run out and buy several new polishes because your swatches are so gorgeous!
    May I ask what store you found the Kleancolor at (as long as it's not a closely guarded secret lol)? I've been looking for Kleancolor for awhile, as well as a well stocked beauty supply store. I live in DE, so I'm very close to Philly, and would LOVE to check out the store you went to! We don't have any good supply stores here, the two we have are tiny and sparsely filled. Thank you!!


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