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My Picks from CoverGirl Tropical Glosstinis

I've said it before, I'm a total sucker for tiny stuff.  That often butts up against my desire to pay as little as possible for...well...everything I buy.  I waffled over these adorable little CoverGirl polishes for weeks until I got a coupon.  Coupon + sale = MINE!!  I went a little typical with my color choices for the three I bought, but I looked around my collection and couldn't find any dupes.  They feel similar to some Sinful Colors shades (especially some of these) and the Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze colors, but they're *just* different enough.  They're also so damn cute in their tiny (.11 fl oz is crazysmall) little bottles!

Purple Freeze is a bright lilac with slight shimmer.

The formula on these little guys really surprised me!  Shades like this, on that border between bright and pastel, tend to be kinda thin and runny.  Not these.  This is just two coats and the formula of Purple Freeze was especially smooth and easy.  Impressive!  When I say the shimmer is slight, I mean it is sliiiiiight.  Think along the lines of Sinful Colors Sugar Rush shimmers.  Like those, it's essentially a cream.

Blue Hawaiian is a bright blue cream.

Two coats here too, but maybe a bit too thick.  I got little pinprick bubbles.  I think I'll be thinning this one.  It's a gorgeous color.

Appletini is an acid green cream.

I love this color!  It's so vivid and eye-catching.  I've really developed a thing for "ugly" greens this year.  The formula isn't as good as Purple Freeze, but it didn't have the bubbling issue that Blue Hawaiian does either.  Two coats here too.

Bottom line: Love love love!  The colors are eye-catching and the formulas range from ok to good, unlike a lot of troublesome brights.  I had a little bubbling with Blue Hawaiian, but thinning should help.  With shelf prices around $3 each for just 0.11 fl oz they're hardly a bargain.  To get as much polish from these as a full-size bottle, you'd need four and a half.  Yipe.  Still, if you can get them on sale like I did I'd say go for it!

Colors like these just shout to be played around with, so they'll be back tomorrow with glitter all over 'em!


  1. Cuuute! I picked up Pina COlada and Bahama Mama... such a fun little collection :) I've been loving greens like Appletini, too, this year.

    1. Thanks! :) I like these so much that I've started eyeing the displays again. lol Since they're LE but have a spot in the wall in some stores, I wonder if they'll be doing more in the future.


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