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Myrtille and Cling Film

This summer, I participated in a Reddit swap for the r/makeupaddiction subreddit. It's basically having a christmas in the middle of the year. My swap partner hooked me up with some awesome stuff (see here) and thankfully, she got me polish! Which, lets face it, is the fastest way to my heart. I got five mini sephora polishes, and this is the first one I tried. 

It's a cornflowery blue, but bright. In person I'd describe it as "pastel cobalt" because it has that depth that cobalt has. It was pretty dusty looking in the bottle, but it lost that on the nail. It's a tiny bit brighter in pictures, but not so much that it's a different color. I have no idea what the name is, and it's not on the website anymore. It's called "Myrtille" and it is back on the site. But I do know it's only a buck, so grab it if you see it. 

can you believe I like a blue? Amanda must be rubbing
off on me. Next she'll be happily wearing pink...oh wait.

Another color in my swap box was Amethyst Ablaze from the Maybelline Color Show line. In the bottle, this color looked very metallic blue, with hints of purple...possibly even duochrome. I expected it to be super sheer, and figured it'd be a good fit for a subtle cling film manicure. Boy, was I ever wrong. Out of the bottle, this stuff is a punchy metallic grape, all the way. I bet this would be a two-coater, even on my nails. I was completely surprised by it. I am definitely going to have to give this a try on its own. I am kinda sad that there is no blue on the nail, but I honestly don't miss it. Not even a little.

feeling very unlike myself. Blue *and* purple? 


  1. That is one pretty blue! But I love blue polish, lol!

    1. it really is. (I still have this on, in fact) I can't believe it was only a buck.


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