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New Favorite Makeup Blog!

By now, everyone knows I spend too much time on Reddit (and Amanda is trying to suck me into the nail board). I've made a few really good friends there, and discovered some awesome beauty and nail blogs. One of my favorites lately is Hantastic Beauty.

Hanny does some really awesome avant garde looks. Completely fun and out-there, not something you'd wear to sunday dinner. She uses bold colors and patterns together, creating art on her face. My favorite kind of makeup!

She also has some breathtakingly beautiful normal-folk makeup tutorials and looks. I have used a couple of them, with great results. She uses a mix of affordable and department store cosmetics to achieve some really stunning looks...which I love. Buying a $60 makeup palette is not always an option, and it's hard to find good "drugstore makeup" tutorials out there. 

pictures used with permission

What I like best is that her blog isn't all looks. She has loads of reviews and swatches too. There is even a quiz-type thing called "One Look, Two Prices" which I thoroughly enjoy, even if I'm terrible at it. I love her rating system. Anyone who gives a product a rating of "0/10 Would Give to Satan" definitely has a reader for life.

So please, check her out at Hantastic Beauty! She's brilliant, funny, and the sweetest soul you could ever hope to encounter on the interwebs.


  1. Waah Nichole this is so awesome, thank you so much! :D <3

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