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JulieG Frosted Gumdrops - Rock Candy

Sometimes I like everything about a polish but the color.  It's happened before.  Very weird feeling.  I think it's back.  Rock Candy was the first texture polish I bought, back in early May.  It's the one I licked.  I finally wore it yesterday and...well...  I wanted to like it so much more than I did.  I've gotten used to the texture feel somewhat (which is good because I am lemming the ever-living shit out of OPI Alcatraz...Rocks! lately), so that's not the issue anymore.  Something about the color just doesn't do it for me.  *sigh*

Rock Candy is a muted teal textured glitter with a generous scattering of small hexagonal teal glitter.

I really like the shimmer.  The finish isn't too rough, especially compared to the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat finish.  It applies pretty well for a texture, though I did need three coats to cover completely.  I just...meh.  It's one of those "it's not you, it's me" things.  Oh well.

Bottom line: Pretty, shimmery, and not bad to apply, but just doesn't strike me.

I think part of the reason it's taking me a while to warm to this trend has to do with when it started.  Spring.  We've seen all kinds of pastels and brights, but few of "my" colors.  The next few months might change my mind.  I've got Zoya Tomoko on its way to me and I'll be buying OPI Alcatraz...Rocks! for sure when I get my picks from that collection.  I'm also surprisingly excited for pretty much ALL of the upcoming OPI Mariah Carey holiday collection, even the Liquid Sands.  I might finally be jumping on the bandwagon after all.  Maybe.


  1. Omg - those OPI holiday polishes are sooooo pretty. I hadn't seen those color swatches yet. Wow.

    For what it's worth - the Julie G. looks great !

    1. Aren't they amazing? I can't wait! Don't even have the San Francisco shades I want yet...and I still haven't swatched Euro Centrale, but...WANT.

      Thanks :) I don't dislike it, it just sorta leaves me flat. Maybe if it was darker or bolder...


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