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A Post in Which I Use All of the Top Coat

I may have lost my mind. I have had this glitter sitting around for ages. I've never used it, but I love staring at it. It just makes me happy. But I've been trying to get cosmically inspired lately (my daughter's softball team is the Comets!) I decided to finally use it...and it took all of my top coat (ok, not really, but a lot) and a rearranging of my lights to get a good picture!

my normal, direct lighting

With my normal light set-up, I have one bright lamp on the left/outside of my lightbox and one bright lamp on the right, but not being diffused. This proved too dazzling for the eightteen feet of topper I ended up using. So I switched it around, and put the non-diffused light on the right/outside. Overall, its a prettier picture. But...sparkly polishes aren't suited for this. BOOOO. Still, I managed to get it. Isn't this glitter amazing?

Colors Used: 
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Random-ass green star glitter


  1. I think it looks awesome, even if it was a pain to capture! I have some similar stars - I've only used them once or twice because bumpy things on my nails are not my favorite. But I like looking at my glitter bottles too. :D

    1. so glad Im not the only one! I hate pointy glitter/appliques for nails. I am compelled to pick at them until they are smooth.


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