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Evolving Nail: For When You Can't Stop Coughing

Glarg.  I am congested beyond all comprehension.  My second bunch of OPI Brazil swatches is ready, but I don't have the brain power to write a coherent review right now.  Instead, because I'm a blogging masochist and I feel compelled to post at least most of the week, have this evolving nail thing.

I started off on Sunday with Sephora by OPI I Only Shop Vintage.

Because Monday was St. Patrick's Day, I added a hint of green with KleanColor Forest Fairy.

On Wednesday, when this cold started up, I was getting very bored with my nails and wanted a change of some kind.  I stamped a retro design with KleanColor Metallic Brown and MoYou London's Back To The 70's - 02 plate.

I had originally wanted something greener for the stamping, but none of my greenish browns or bronzes stamped as well as Metallic Brown.

I mattified it next, of course...

It almost looks like woodgrain this way.

Next, I changed it up a little with a coat of KleanColor Flirty/Innocent.

It's another of the 3D Duochromes.  I liked those three so much that I went back for the other three.

The shift isn't amazing, but it's there....

I mattified this update too, of course.

The shift was slightly more obvious this way.  It looks like 70's kitchen curtains...and I love it.

Hopefully this is just a bad cold and I'll be back to frenzied swatching again next week.  For now, I just wanna go back to bed!


  1. Haha great post, it's so funny to see the design evolve! I love this, the mattified ones are my favourites! :)


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