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Sinful Colors Sham-Rockin

I should have posted this one a while ago, but for some reason I feel weirder about a St. Patrick's Day collection in January than I do about an xmas collection in August.  There's also nothing new in this display, though it is bigger than past years, with eight shades instead of three or four.  Green Ocean is back too, of course!  I know a lot of people clamor for it every year.  This time around, the display seems to be turning up at Rite Aid instead of Walgreens.  Good news if you don't live near a Walgreens and have been eyeing Green Ocean every year around this time.  I've seen it at Wegmans too.  So now with the 17th almost here, I'm finally ready for this year's Sinful Colors greens!  While none are new (the display also includes Snow Me White), I have two new-to-me swatches plus a couple of reswatches and some reruns from older posts.

HD Nails is a metallic kelly green shimmer.

over nude

How perfect is this for the holiday?  I've glanced at HD Nails many times over the past couple of years, but I only just bought it recently.  I swear it used to be core at Walgreens and/or Rite Aid, but I don't think it is anymore.  This is two coats over a nude base, because it's sheer-ish and looks like a stainer.  I expected way more brushstroking than it wound up having.  I'm impressed!

over nude

Sin-ammon is a metallic yellow gold with slightly green undertones.

This is a former Wal-Mart (boo hiss) exclusive and I think this is its first appearance anywhere else.  My camera just wasn't having it for some reason.  This was the best I could do.  It's not this yellow in person.  My skintone is partly to blame for that.  I'm so yellow that I distort golds sometimes.  The color is much more accurate in the swatch of Call You Later over it.  It's a little brushstrokey, but not too bad.  I can't say I love it, but it's not unwearable.  It reminds me a bit of Zoya Brooklyn, but it's a little darker.  I bought it mostly in the hope that it will stamp well.  The little bit of testing I've done is indicating a strong "maybe".

Call You Later has a clear base with dense gold microglitter and a scattering of green microglitter and small hexagons too.

over Sin-ammon

The gold microglitter was way more visible over Sin-ammon in person than it wound up being in photos.  Phooey.  I've swatched Call You Later a couple of times now, including around Halloween last year, and I'm always impressed by how evenly it applies.

over Sin-ammon

Pistache is a spring green cream.

As springtime colors go, Pistache is more "me" than most.  I like it, but Nichole is probably cringing.  She hated Song Of Summer, and they're similar-ish.  I do prefer Song Of Summer, but I'd still take Pistache over a pink any day!  This is two coats and the application was really decent for a pastel.  It's new-ish, but was in Buff To Bright last spring...though I didn't swatch it at the time.

San Francisco is a super-dense dose of fine green shimmer in a sheer green base.

over black

If I had to pick just one Sinful Colors shade that everyone should at least try, it might be San Francisco.  It's an "oldie" and was core at Walgreens until recently.  I pouted when I saw they'd dropped it and I hope they never stop repromoting it.  I've worn it several times, but never over black before.  As much as I love it...holy should always be over black!  This is two coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme.  One coat didn't have as much depth as I wanted.  The glow just kills me!  It's a high-risk stainer, but 100% worth it!

over black

Green Ocean has a green-tinted base with thin mylar shards and small hexagonal glitter that shift green/teal/blue/cobalt.

over black

This is the one some people wait for.  Green Ocean was originally one of four "Ocean" shard and glitter combos like this a few years ago, but as far as I know it's the only one that has ever been brought back.  I count it among few exceptions to my general dislike of shards.  The ones in Green Ocean aren't as hard and stabby as many, and the glitter adds a balance that a shade with just large shards wouldn't have.  The shift is also excellent, going into a cobalt that's almost purple at some angles.'s not as easy as a flakie to smooth out.  I used Sinful Colors' Over The Top top coat to smooth it out and I kicked myself again for only buying two bottles of that awesome stuff while it was around.  They need to put it out again!  It's not the shiniest thing ever (I should have thrown NYC Grand Central Station over it for shine), but it tames glitter so well!

over black

What would one of my Sinful Colors posts be without rerun time?

Exotic Green is a leaf green on the border between cream and crelly.

I swatched Green Ocean over it last year.

over Exotic Green

San Francisco glows nicely over jade green, but not as well as over black.

over Envy

Bottom line: San Francisco is a must if you love green, and Call You Later is another classic.  Exotic Green is a personal favorite.  Green Ocean is cool, but "thirsty".  HD Nails and Pistache are both good.  Sin-ammon's a somewhat odd color, but applies well as metallic finishes go.  I wouldn't steer anyone away from anything in this collection.

Will you be wearing green polish over the weekend or on Monday?  I can't go too bold for work, but I might do a sneaky green shimmer or something....maybe.


  1. Replies
    1. It's something, isn't it? I can't believe they dropped it from core.

  2. I'm going to be wearing a green magnetic with a snakeskin pattern, since I'm going to a reptile day at the museum tomorrow. I figure that can do double duty for Monday :p

    Could you maybe get away with a subtle nude-with-flakies, with green flakies?


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