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He Knows How To Pick 'Em

What's the opposite of being on a roll?  I overslept two days in a row, but dammit...I'm not going two days without a post!

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my first date with The Beard.  In some ways it feels like I've known him forever, but I never get tired of him.  I know him so well that I can finish his sentences or beat him to a joke, but it never gets dull.  Everything that happened before I met him feels like it was hundreds of years ago.  Enough mush though.  We celebrate our anniversary by going back to the diner where we first met.  That date was at 12:30am, so the anniversary dinners have been too.  He still grumps a bit about all the polish, but was nice enough to let me take a photo of our hands together, like last year.

This time around I'm wearing the polishes he gave me for xmas, NYX Ink and Silver Glitter.  He didn't pick them out himself.  He knows he's clueless.  Instead, he brought "the kids" (Zeus and Player 4) and had them each pick one.  They chose well!  Player 4 suggested Ink, which is a cobalt blue jelly.

over nude

My phone did a better job with the color, but it varies with the lighting and is almost this bright sometimes.  It's quite sheer and  I know that colors like this tend to stain, so I put it over a nude base.  Ink doesn't have the sulfur tang that a lot of blues do, so maybe it's not a stainer, but...better safe than sorry, right?

Zeus' pick was Silver Glitter and...I love it!

It has a mix of microglitter and tiny hexagons and it has a gorgeous night sky look to it over this blue.  It applied wonderfully too, even and without glopping or bunching.  The Beard might not know how to pick polish, but he's good at picking polish pickers!  He does deserve some extra credit though.  He knows I don't have much polish from NYX because only a few stores around here carry them and he knows that $5 is more than I generally like to spend on a single bottle.  NYX was the perfect brand to pick and I was seriously flattered and impressed that he put so much thought into a consolation gift when my actual gift was still in transit.  Is it any wonder that I love him?

Real post tomorrow, I swear!


  1. Happy anniversary, Amanda! OMG -- is Roz in-transit????

  2. Thanks! :) I wish! When I ordered, they were out of Roz, but I didn't want to risk missing Knight. I didn't know they were just gonna bring it back. lol I'll get Roz when I order again pretty soon.

  3. It makes all the difference to find your soul mate! So happy for you! Congratulations!


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