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St. Patrick's Day: Done Darker

It is no secret that neither Amanda nor I like pastel colors much. They don't suit either one of us, coloring or personality-wise. We are also not the most...cuddly and cute girls on the planet. But we do like nail art, and holidays are the perfect reason for it. (who am I kidding? Everyday is a perfect reason for it.)

I decided to try and do some less happy holiday inspired nails. I just can't get behind the traditional stuff. Some worked out better than others, but overall I'm a happy camper.

*Manicure No. 1*

Colors Used:
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Ulta Envy

done with my cling film method

*Manicure No. 2*

Colors Used:
Zoya Logan
Sally Hansen Navy Baby
Octopus Party Where the Green Grass Glows

simple accent nail

*Manicure No. 3*

Colors Used:
Zoya Logan
Zoya Cassedy
Sally Hansen Navy Baby

attempt at a braid. I have such trouble with
this one.

*Manicure No. 4*

Colors Used:
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Octopus Party Pastel Pete

hand placed glitter. Oh god, why? It
looks cool though.


  1. Love it! Happy St. Patrick's Day :) I think these are perfect for a subtle take on the holiday!

    xo Maddy

  2. Thanks! happy st. paddys day to you too!

  3. Replies
    1. gracias :D #3 was such a pain in the ass. I have no idea why I can't get those braids even.


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