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Jelly Toppers Ride Again

I feel like it's been forever since I did any jelly toppers, and it kinda has been!  Almost a whole year, unless I'm forgetting something.  It's been long enough that I feel like I should explain what they are again.  Jelly sandwiches are when you layer a jelly polish, then a glitter (or stamping or whatever), then more of the jelly.  Jelly toppers are what I call it when the bottom "bread" of the sandwich is a cream or shimmer.  It's a different look from a "true" jelly sandwich, and I generally like it way more.  I bought four of the Nfu Oh Jelly Syrups during Fabuloustreet's Black Friday sale and I've been meaning to do jelly toppers with them ever since.  I have no clue what took me so long!  I wound up doing five toppers over just a few days.  All polishes in today's post were purchased by me, except for Zoya Monet (press sample) and Butter London Lady Muck (gift).  I'm still not feeling all that great, so this is a 'hey, look at these' post without any commentary or review notes.  All of the jellies are one coat over the listed undies, except for the JS41 combo, which has two coats of jelly.  The Nfu Oh Jelly Syrups are awesome and completely worth the $8.50-ish each that I spent on them.  I don't think I'd pay full price, but...I'm cheap.  If there's ever a sale like that again though, I'll be all over it.  Anyway...on to what you came for...

This is Nfu Oh JS02 over Wet n Wild Gettin' Amped over Butter London Lady Muck.

Next up, Nfu Oh JS34 over Zoya Monet over Ulta Green & Wear It.

And now Nfu Oh JS41 over Wet n Wild Waiting For My Solo over OPI OPI Scores A Goal!.

One last Jelly Syrup, Nfu Oh JS01 over China Glaze Your Present Required over Sally Hansen Oxide.

And finally, a sorta 'bonus', Zoya Paloma over FingerPaints Vivid Reflection over Zoya Casey.


  1. Oh these look great! I especially love the last one!

  2. Very pretty... Layering manis are my favorite as I'm not a very talented artist!


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