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Michael Kors Sporty Sexy Glam Nail Lacquers

A gorgeous and wonderful friend surprised me not long ago with decants of nearly the entire Michael Kors polish collection.  These are something that normally I wouldn't be trying, because at $18 a bottle they are a good deal out of my price range. I'm actually a fan of Michael Kors (Project Runway isn't the same without him) but I wasn't holding out too much hope for his polishes. I am skeptical of designers who try to branch out into cosmetics. The price generally is high, and the quality is meh.

Happily, I was wrong.

(oh, and if you are reading this, fabulous friend, I owe you dinner. And then some)


two coats describes Scandal as a metallic fuchsia. I beg to differ. It is more of a pearly hot pink. It isn't nearly purple enough for fuchsia. But it is a lovely bright cream polish. It applied nice and evenly, and covered the nail in two coats. This isn't a unique color, but it is nice and applies well. If not for the price tag, I would definitely recommend it.


three coats

Hint is described as a "luminous taupe." I have to disagree. This is a honey/beige jelly-ish polish. I don't know if it was because I had a decant, or it was the weather, or its just the formula...but this stuff was sticky and a bit gloopy. I had trouble getting it to lay smoothly on my nail. It's not a bad nude though, but again...hardly unique. I would give this one a pass, unless its a perfect match for you.


three coats

Sensation is described as "a shiny scarlet red." Yeah, ok. We agree there. It's a bit jelly-like as well. But it was definitely easier to apply than Hint. I did have to use three coats, but for some reason I have never tried a scarlet shade like that that didn't require at least three. I have no idea why. If you have a spare $18 and are stuck in a Macy's, I wouldn't slap you for buying this one. It's a nice color, but easily found in more affordable lines.


three thick coats

Envy is an extra dark violet? What now? I need a job righting descriptions for nail polish, y'all. This is maybe an extra dark orchid...but its a warm violet if its anything. It was the most jelly out of the group, needing three thick coats for opacity. But I really like the color. And with Radiant Orchid being the color of 2014, I think its right on trend. I would actually consider picking this one up. The color is pretty unusual, in my collection at least.


two coats

The last one I have is Desire. It is described as a "warm ebony brown". I agree again. It is super dark, almost black...but still warm somehow. It's a darker, more vamp version of Milani Dark Coffee. This is a good, solid cream formula...thankfully. Jellies are still challenging for me. I only needed two coats to get a solid layer. I did have a little bubbling, but I think that was the shitty brush I was using, and not necessarily the polish itself. I would recommend this one if you like black, but are afraid to take the plunge. 

This is actually my first experience with high-end polishes in years. Once, long ago, I had a bottle of Chanel polish...but that was so long ago and my standards are definitely different nowadays. Have you tried any of these polishes?


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