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Evolving Nail: For When You Can't Be Bothered

Being known for having interesting nails isn't always the most convenient thing. I can't just go without polish for a few days, or gods-forbid let my nails chip, without someone asking me "Wow, are you ok?" Yes, yes, all is well. I'm just lazy. Some days, I don't feel like doing my nails...least of all with something interesting. I had an episode of the lazies recently, and decided to see how far I could go. 

You may remember this Fingerpaints polish. I posted the swatches a few days ago. It's a really nice nude, and I didn't want/feel like taking it off. I decided to see if I could add to it, and still have it be wearable.

After wearing Neo Gothic Nude for a few days, I was getting bored. But I was still lazy, and my nails were still in good shape. I decided to add Amazon Amaz-off (from OPI's new Brazil collection) to it as a gradient. I actually really like the way that it turned out. It kinda looks like a half-moon manicure, but without the hard line. I wore this for another day or two before I got the itch to change it up.

My monthly trip to CVS was an eventful one, and I picked up two MegaRocks glitters for less than the price of one bottle. I decided to layer the pink and the teal glitters, since they are pretty sparse on their own.

This last step was my experiments undoing. I have a bad habit of picking at glitter, especially when it hangs over the edges or sticks up. I ended up picking a lot of the pink glitter right off...and thus I was forced to change my nails earlier than anticipated.

Overall, I made it a week and change without changing my nails. If I had chosen something other than the MegaRocks glitters, I might have been able to keep going. I can't say I recommend them at all.


  1. I do this, but with stamping and Northern Lights.

    First few days, just a plain mani.
    Next two, a stamp.
    Finally, some Northern Lights on top, since it's not so thick that ou can't see the original design

  2. The only color I like from the wet n wild mega rocks line is stick it to the man

    1. I dont think I'll be grabbing any more of these. They look great in the bottle...but so much sorrow on the nail.


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