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Gwen Stefani for OPI Collection or I Love a Good Sale

I know everyone has seen this collection by now. I certainly have. I've even posted my one pick from it back in January. I wish I had waited to buy it, hindsight being what it is. There was an epic sale at Sally's this past weekend, and I ended up picking up the whole collection (minus the red) for $2.25 a pop. The price was so good, that even my husband suggested buying them all.

Hey Baby 

A pretty average bright pink cream, honestly. The color is lovely, and I do love this particular shade of hot pink. But I had serious streaking problems with the one. It might have been the weather, as its been going from 75F-55F for the last week. 

three coats + top coat

 In True Stefani Fashion

A neat glitter bomb. There are silver and holo bits, plus square medium sized glitters. It was perfectly acceptable, as far as glitters go. Though I am seriously getting spoiled by superb indie glitters lately, so my barre is set pretty high for glitters.

two coats glitter over Hey Baby

and for science, here is it with NYC matte top coat. I honestly prefer it with the matte. It makes it a little more subtle...if silver and holo glitter can ever be subtle.

 I Sing in Color

Super dark, super vampy color. This might have been my favorite of the non-satins. I did have a little bit of dragging, but I think the high humidity + unusually warm weather was making my polish dry slower than normal. Regardless, I can actually see this being a great year-round color for me. When I'm not doing bloggy stuff, black is usually my go-to color, and this will be a nice alternate.

three coats + top coat

 4 in the Morning

This is a fabulous black satin. At first, I worried it would just be a matte version of Zoya Raven or NYC Bowery Black, but its a lot more special than that. In not-sunlight, it reminds me of leather. I can't wait for Sons of Anarchy to come back, because this will be the perfect polish for another themed manicure.

two coats 

 Push and Shove

The most famous polish in the collection, I think. People either love it or hate it. I am still undecided. It is amazingly reflective, more so than any other silver polish I've tried. But it is apparently also the fussiest. I followed the directions completely here, and the amount of ridges I see here is totally unacceptable. I may try it over other base coats, just to see if I can get a smoother finish. And don't try adding a top coat to this, it'll just dull the finish. I'm also disappointed that this is only good for one night of wear. A special look like this is something that you want to wear for a few days, but it'll flake like a bad friend according to some reviews I've read. Again, for $2.25, I'm not gonna bitch too much about it.

two coats over Lay Down That Base

The gold satin, plus Amanda's swatches, can be found below:


  1. I was powerless in the face of these on clearance, too. I haven't tried Push & Shove yet. I have really gross, peely nails right now so I'm waiting until they look a bit better!

    1. you definitely dont want to try push and shove while your nails are peeling. My nails are pretty ridged, and it just made it look 1000x worse.

  2. You are lucky my Sally's said they couldn't sell them for less than the red tag, per OPI because they weren't supposed to be clearance anyways, so I only got the glitter. Already had Push and Shove as well as the two satins.

    1. The girls at my Sally's didn't know anything about the Gwen for OPI being on sale, so my lovely husband pulled out his phone, and found the sale on-line. And because the manager at my Sallys is fabulous, she gave me the extra 50%. Thank god for smart phones, or else I wouldn't have grabbed them.


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