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Ulta Green & Wear It

I don't feel good so far this week and I'm in that awkward position where I have maybe five posts in progress, but none are anywhere near ready to go up.  With any luck, this I'll feel better soon and be able to swatch again, but for now I'm stuck with odds and ends.  I'm regretting getting this headache after my big spam post last week...but oh well.  Since one of my more recent "undies" is something that's still very easy to find...let's have that today.  You may recognize this polish from my Zoya Monet post...

Green & Wear It is a green-toned teal cream.

Its ease of purchase isn't the only reason it's getting its own post.  It's also beautiful and goes on so smooooth!  This is two coats and the formula could hardly be any better.  I don't really buy from Ulta's Professional line very often, but I feel like I should work on that the next time they have a big sale.  Looking at my spreadsheet, I'm only seeing maybe four from this line and a handful of minis.  In a collection as big as mine, that's almost nothing.  I've worn Whatever Floats Your Moat too, and it also applied very well.  It's not the broadest line, but I really think I need to take a longer look next time.  I mean...if there are more like this...

so shiny (w top coat), you can see the doorknob reflected in it

I know Nichole's fond of Joust "Exilded" (that's the name on the bottle...SMH), but I don't see it on the site anymore.  Do you have any favorites from this line?


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