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My Picks from OPI Brazil: Part 1

Months ago, when the first promo images for OPI's new Brazil collection started coming out, I knew I was "doomed".  Creams.  So many creams...and four looked like they might be work-safe!  I dashed to the nail supply store as soon as I could, once I knew this collection was in.  I wound up buying a whopping seven shades!  I decided to split my review into two parts.  SFW stuff goes first, since it was what really drew me to this collection.  Five of the collection's twelve shades looked work-appropriate, and I bought four of those five.  I passed on Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, since I haven't had the best luck with colors paler than I am.

Taupe-less Beach is a pale purple-toned taupe cream.

OPI Taupe-less Beach

Whenever someone asks me to pick a favorite brand, I always say OPI.  I don't wear them as often as I feel like I "should", but I don't have a doubt about it.  Polishes like Taupe-less Beach are why.  This is two coats and it went on so easily.  It's thick but self-leveling, and everything I expect OPI creams to be.  I wore it to work and noticed just how much it changes with the lighting, at times more purple or gray than above.

Between this changeability and its similarity to the color of some doors at work, I was pretty sure it was going to be close to Essie Miss Fancy Pants.  That's one of two comparisons down at the end of today's post.  For now, one more look at Taupe-less Beach on its own.  Can you tell how much I like it?  Can you blame me?

I São Paulo Over There is a medium cool-toned taupe with the tiniest hint of shimmer.

OPI I São Paulo Over There

I'm almost tempted to just call this one a cream.  The shimmer is so slight that I didn't realize it was there until I saw it on the brush.  On the nail it really only "softens" the color of the base color a little, like an illuminating face cream.  The formula's the usual great OPI cream too, and this is two coats.

OPI Scores A Goal! is a deep rose with the same almost-invisible shimmer.

The color of OPI Scores A Goal! is really tough to pin down.  I went with deep rose, since it's too "soft" or "dusty" to be red, but too cool to be raisin.  I love the color, whatever you'd call it, but I'm not sure it's at its best on me.  I think it would be amazing on someone with a tan, but if you've seen any of my posts from summer months, you know that's not me and never will be.  I'm not sure if I'd call it SFW on me either.  I did wear it to work and I didn't feel like it stood out all that much, but it is darker than I usually like to go.  If you're not all fishbelly like me though, it's decidedly safe.  Great formula here too, two easy coats.

Next Stop...The Bikini Zone is a lilac-to-gold duochrome microfleck shimmer with a scattering of gold flecks in a sheer taupe base.

With OPI Scores A Goal!, I couldn't quite name the color.  Here it's the finish that's the puzzler.  It's a bit foily, but it's also like a finer version of the finish on shades like The World Is Not Enough.  The overall look borders on metallic and the slightly larger gold flecks give it a bit of a twinkle too.  This is three coats, since the base is so sheer.  All of its substance is in the shimmer, which is what gives it its glow.  It has layering potential too, though I haven't really played with it yet.  I've worn it to work, but I feel like it's a bit too bold for my "safety" because of the almost-metallic sheen.  The duochrome shift isn't overwhelming, but it's there.  If the shift on the two San Francisco duochromes wasn't enough for you, this probably won't be either.

At its absolute strongest, with two light sources, it looks like this...

The shift, as usual, is more obvious when it's mattified.  I used OPI's awesome Matte Top Coat, which is my go-to...even though it still hasn't gotten its own post.  I like Next Stop...The Bikini Zone as-is, but I love it mattified!

Everything I like about gets a boost, and the twinkling gold flecks are a little bit more obvious.

Comparison time!  I don't have anything close enough to OPI Scores A Goal! or Next Stop...Bikini Zone to do worthwhile comparisons for them, but I have so many taupes!

Taupe-less Beach vs Essie Miss Fancy Pants

vs Essie Miss Fancy Pants on ring

I swear they're not identical!  Taupe-less Beach is purpler/less gray, more opaque, and a hint darker than Miss Fancy Pants...but just a hint.  I don't mind owning both, but I think a lot of people might.  Which one's right for you will boil down to preferences.  I like OPI's formula more than Essie's, and it wears better on me.  Because Miss Fancy Pants is less opaque and almost crelly-ish, it actually looks a little darker than Taupe-less Beach at times.

vs Essie Miss Fancy Pants on ring

I São Paulo Over There vs Sinful Colors Graine De Poivre, Zoya Normani, and Rimmel Steel Grey

Sinful Colors Graine De Poivre, São Paulo, Zoya Normani, Rimmel Steel Gray

Nichole asked me to compare Normani and Steel Gray back when Normani was new a couple of months ago, but now I'm kinda glad I waited.  I'd just be comparing again if I hadn't.  As you can see, all four are really close, but none are exact.  Graine De Poivre is the only one-coater.  The rest are two.  I São Paulo Over There is right between the slightly darker Graine De Poivre and slightly lighter Normani, with Steel Gray being the lightest.  Graine De Poivre is the closest to I São Paulo Over There, since Normani is slightly pinker and Steel Gray is a touch more neutral.  They're different enough for me, but probably not enough for normal people.

Bottom line: I like all four, but my heart belongs to taupe.  Even though I have similar stuff, my favorites from these four are Taupe-less Beach and I São Paulo Over There.  I love Next Stop...The Bikini Zone once it's mattified.  While I like OPI Scores A Goal!, I think it would look better on someone with more melanin.

Did you get anything from this collection?  I know Nichole did...


  1. Though I would mention this since it was such a great deal.

    I took my step son to Cost Cutters yesterday for a haircut. They had a clearance table with OPI nail polishes buy 1 get 2 free! I got:

    Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
    Wooden Shoe Like to Know
    Can't Find My Czechbook
    Thanks a Windmillion
    Snow You Love Me
    Ski Slope Sweetie

    All for $18+tax! The stylist said they do this whenever they get in the new Collections, they move out the older colors buy 1 get 2 free per their Corporate office. Worth looking into if you have Cost Cutters in your area.


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