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My Picks from OPI Brazil: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I showed you guys the SFW side of my OPI Brazil picks.  Now it's time for the fun side!  As much as I love neutrals, having to wear them to work makes me crave color.  The Brazil collection caught my eye more than most spring/summer stuff, since there isn't a pastel in sight.  My SFW picks were a foregone conclusion before I even got to the nail supply, but three tropical brights came home with me too.

I Just Can't Cope-acabana is a lemon yellow cream.

If you haven't seen this one in person yet, it's a tough color to explain.  The official promos make it look brighter and more saturated than it actually is.  I expected it to be similar to Sinful Colors Pull Over, but it's considerably lighter and softer.  I'm still new-ish to yellow polish, but I don't have anything even slightly similar.  It was ideal for lemony stamping.  The formula's decent, especially for a yellow.  This is three coats, since it's a little watery, but I think two could do it if you have short nails.

Red Hot Rio is a glowingly bright warm-toned red crelly.

Hot damn!  I've said it before, but OPI is the best at reds.  They've made dozens over the years and I've got at least ten of them, but I can still fall head-over-heels for a new little twist on the classic nail color.  Red Hot Rio is pinup perfection.  This is two very easy coats.  My nails are slightly visible through it, but the crelly formula also gives it a stunning intensity.  Wow!

Amazon...Amazoff is a teal with a faintly pearly finish.

over nude

When I first saw the promos for this collection back around xmas, Amazon...Amazoff was the one I knew I had to have.  I worried a little that it would be similar to Orly Teal Unreal, but for me there's no passing up a color like this.  Nichole felt the same way and she isn't wild for new collections like I am.  It's lovely!  The formula is a dream too.  This is two coats.  It has nude undies to reduce staining, but it doesn't need them for opacity.  Pearl finishes usually put me off, but it's so faint here that it barely even counts.  It's slightly more of a presence than the hint of shimmer in OPI Scores A Goal! or I São Paulo Over There, but it has that same "softening" effect.

over nude

So how close is it to Orly Teal Unreal?  Teal Unreal is a blue-toned teal that defies cameras and descriptions in its intensity.  Amazon...Amazoff is greener, calmer, softer, and less intense, but has more depth because of the finish.  The photo below gives you some idea.  They're far from dupes.

vs Orly Teal Unreal on ring (impossible to photograph, but the unicorn helps)

Bottom line: Thumbs up for all three!  I Just Can't Cope-acabana has a very good formula as yellows go and is bright without being glaring.  Red Hot Rio is juicy, sexy, and summery.  Amazon...Amazoff is bold, but relaxing.  They feel more like summer than spring, but that's a bonus for me.

Is it weird that just writing about a summery collection gets me antsy for July and August, when we'll start to see hints of fall collections?  Some things never change!


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