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Another Quickie

So once I finally slept, I slept a lot, and I'm feeling part-way toward better, but still not quite there.  Today's another small post, but tomorrow should have more to it...I hope!  Instead of showing my polish undies after the fact, these two are building up to something you'll see soon.  Oxide is one of the Tracy Reese shades from Sally Hansen's Fall 2011 Designer Collection.  In 2011 I was busy falling in love with The Beard, then moving in with him.  I missed this collection completely, but bought Oxide on eBay when I couldn't resist anymore.  (...and lucked into Bewitched at the local flea market...woohoo!)  Your Present Required was the  China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze shade I regretted skipping, and it was the first thing into my basket on my January trip to the nail supply.  Now that the formalities are done, let's see the swatches...

Sally Hansen Oxide has dense silver microglitter in a gunmetal gray metallic base.

If I had been blogging when Oxide came out, I'd have made a MASSIVE fuss over it.  It's gorgeous!  It reminds me of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, but with the volume turned up to full blast.  Secret Admirer is a favorite...but this...THIS...  I'm so glad I tracked it down!  The older formulas for Complete Salon Manicure tended to be on the thin side, and Oxide is no exception, but two coats built up very well.  I fell in love all over again when I mattified it...

China Glaze Your Present Required has a clear base with a mix of white, blue, purple, teal, gold, and copper hexagonal glitter in small and medium sizes.

over Oxide

I can't say I love this combination, but in Nichole's amusingly perfect words "I don't dislike it."  Exactly.  I don't know quite what made me put it over Oxide, when a rich purple cream would probably make more sense...but here we are...and I don't dislike it.  It applied well, for such a dense glitter.  I wanna try it again sometime and love it, because it's got so much potential and interest.

I think it's time for some more rest, and then maybe a night of swatching and writing a real post for tomorrow.  Maybe.  I can hope, right?


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