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Dance Legend Wazowski

I'm really trickling my Dance Legend Chameleon swatches out slowly, aren't I?  I ordered them in November, got them in January, and have only worn three so far.  I just can't bring myself to swatch and promptly remove them!  I've been wearing them only when I'm too busy to swatch and can keep them on for a day or two...which really doesn't happen that often.  I wore Knight and Celia on shopping trips, but I'm on a low-buy this month.  Then last week TheLizzer on MUA's Nail Board suggested I swatch Wazowski for St. Patrick's Day and The Beard and I were planning a rare date night, so the timing was perfect!  All photos are one coat over black.

Wazowski is a a chromey multichrome that shifts from golden green through leaf green to teal.

What does it say about the Chameleon collection that this is the mildest shift of any I've worn so far?  Wazowski makes up for a less impactful shift by being the most reflective of the three I've worn so far.  It doesn't really come across in the photos, but could see myself in it!  I was blown away by the sheen.  It applied very well, with almost non-existent brushstrokes.  The black base is probably unnecessary, but the bottle is small and layering is a good way to "conserve" this precious stuff.  It may not change as mind-bendingly as Celia, but this is a polish I never want to run out of.  I'll admit, I didn't do the best job of showing its shift, but I think you can still see why I love it.

I'm kicking myself for not getting a single photo of it completely in its teal extreme, since most of the time it either looks green or teal.  At the very distant edges you can get hints of blue too.

I reminds me of the wings of some big tropical beetle.  I love it!  I kept staring at it while The Beard was talking...but he's used to that.  His reaction was just "very shiny", but that's a lot, coming from him.

It plays with light really interestingly too, because of the reflective finish.  In the shade its shift looks calm and smooth.

In sunlight it shines intensely and the shift looks more sudden.

I didn't wear it outside during the day (the sunlight photos are through a window) and I'm kicking myself for that too.  I may need to revisit it someday...and hopefully I'll have better stamping luck.

Bottom line: Because the shift in Wazowski is all from the same region of the color wheel, it's not initially as impressive as Celia or Knight.  It's still very striking and stronger than run-of-the-mill duochromes.

Have you been bitten by the Dance Legend bug yet?  I know I'll be placing another order pretty soon, once my low-buy is over.


  1. Aaah, such a vibrant green, very mesmerizing, love your pictures!

    And the Dance Legend bug...
    I admit I'm infected too! I was browsing their website this morning and I see another haul in the future, when my no-buy ends mid April. I want at least one of their Anne Gorelova - polishes (Bag of Bones).

  2. Holy stunning green, Batman!! Love your pics of it!


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