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New Hard Candy Glitters: Fairy Ball and King of Pop

Not long ago, Hard Candy revamped their line. My local Walmart is slow on the uptake, and it took forever for them to show up here. When I finally got around to checking for the new stuff again, there wasn't much left. I did manage to find two rather different glitters and a couple of cosmetic items, so it wasn't a total wash.

L to R: King of Pop and Fairy Ball

Fairy Ball

This is a bridal pink glitter packed with small and micro hex glitter, bar glitter, and holo bits. It's actually really pretty, and completely different from anything I would normally wear. Because I am an idiot, I decided to try it over Revlon Trade Winds, which might be my least favorite color ever. To mitigate the stupid, I also tried it over Sinful Colors Cotton Candy...which was a much smarter decision. 

Also, lets just giggle a minute at the name. Fairy, balls.

Pictured above and below is one thick coat of Fairy Ball on each nail, though the glitter was decidedly more sparse on my pinky. This stuff is weird. The glitter is dense, but the base is so thin that the glitter slides right off the brush. In order to get anything resembling a good layer, you really have to use a heavy hand. Add to that the bar glitter, which always feels like wearing a scouring pad on my nails...and I have to admit this isn't my favorite. But it's pretty. The holo bits make it special, while the muted pink make it pretty sfw...especially if you wear it over a blush or nude color (that isn't Trade Winds).

why did I use Trade Winds?

And for science purposes, I added a matte coat. I actually prefer this one matte. The holo bits still shine, but taking the gloss away makes it a lot less chaotic feeling. I definitely recommend adding a matte coat to this one.

NYC Matte Top Coat

King of Pop

Where they got the name for this one, I'll never know. But as it is, its an interesting glitter. There are jumbo hex glitters in white and peach, with medium peach and white hex glitters, and small blue and white, and micro green and white and blue. There is a lot going on here. It's busy. But its fun. I never would have thought to put a peachy glitter in something so oceany colored, but it totally works. 

base colors L to R:
Orly Mirror Mirror and Zoya Blu

What doesn't really work, again, is the formula. It suffers from the same thin base vs dense glitter problem. S'ok though, I was prepared for it this time. The only other problem is the jumbo glitters do taco a little bit. (that means the curl up, and no amount of topcoat will give you a completely smooth finish) Its not huge, like the OPI Wizard of Oz polish from last year, but its there. Even the husband noticed how uneven it looked. Since you have to fish these out a little, remember to place them on flatter parts of your nail to avoid picking them off in the first half I did  like I would never ever do.

This one doesn't really sing with the matte coat like Fairy Ball did. It don't hate it, since it lets you see all the micro glitters in there...but it wasn't a wow moment for me. I can really take or leave this one with the matte.

Tl;dr is that unless you are in love here, don't bother with these. I had to have them, because they are $3 and I'm certifiably insane, but I'm betting you are probably slightly less nutty when it comes to polish...probably. Maybe. Hopefully?


  1. The fairy ball on Cotton Candy is really pretty!! Otherwise, yeah, I agree with your point that these are only just okay :)

    1. Yeah, I was a bit let down. especially since those foils from the original revamp were so phenomenal.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder how the pink one would look over a pale pink or a white ? I'm a fan of mattifying all the things !!

    I dunno if I have any of their glitters aside from the black and white one. I look at them sometimes but never seem to want to cough up the 4.00 for them.

    Maybe you could avoid the peachy bits if they taco too much ? I agree, the name King of Pop makes zero sense, it looks super beachy somehow.

    1. White was an option, but it was hiding from me. I also need a good blush color, I think it'd be perfect.


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