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Fingerpaints Neo Gothic Nude

Just a quickie today, because I've got plans for this polish coming up. A while ago, Sally's had all their Fingerpaints polish on a BOGO* sale and I picked up a couple. One of them was the toffee-pinky-kinda nude. It definitely isn't mannequin hands for me, but there is something about it I really like.

It applies nicely, just like 99% of Fingerpaints stuff. I only needed two coats for a good layer. It's also wearing well, which is important for the next week. I hope you don't get tired of this stuff...because I've got a big post featuring it coming soon.

*other addicts may have noticed that the logo on the bottle is new. Everything else is the same, thankfully. Good news for us (bad for our wallets) is that all the old bottles can now be found in the clearance bin! I saw some for $2.99 when I was there last. I may have to grab a bunch next time I'm there!


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