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Amanda does these sorts of posts from time-to-time, and I figured it was time for me. I've acquired a lot of new sheers, jellies, and glitters lately. I am having a great time slapping things together and seeing what works. I don't put near as much effort as Amanda does when it comes to layer...I don't actually put much thought into the combos I choose. My method is more "Oooh shiny! Oooh lets put this shiny with that shiny!"

So here is some photo spam! Enjoy!

Number One:

Sally Hansen CSM Butterscotch
Models Own Pukka Purple
Octopus Party Ametrine Hour

 Number Two:

Zoya Charisma
Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Octopus Party Laser Tag

 Number Three:

Octopus Party Ink or Swim
NYC Top of the Gold top coat

this glitter likes to pit! stop that!

 ...and then I added the NYC matte coat.

That is all I have for now. I've been crazy busy (I started a photography class and my eldest started softball!) so there hasn't been much time for goofy one-off manicures these days. But I expect I will be doing more of these as the warmer weather (aka kids go to the beach) sets in.


  1. Replies
    1. yeah, that one was one of my favorites. I wish it were sunny here, so I could show how that one just dazzled in the sunlight!

  2. I think I'm going to try to replicate the third one today, but with a different blue jelly, since I don't own Ink or Swim. But I kind of need it...

    1. You kinda do. it completely changed my opinion on jellies. plus, there is a sale this weekend.


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