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Before I went really nuts for polish about two years ago, I was really set in my ways.   My pre-frenzy spreadsheet shows a collection that's a bit...same-y.  In the time I've blogged, I've discovered that I like pushing my boundaries and I'll try any almost any polish once if the price is right.  My happiest discovery has been my love of "ugly" yellow-toned greens, which bugs the hell out of Nichole.  I've also come to enjoy yellows and oranges, two colors I used to detest.  There isn't a color group that I can't at least appreciate once in a while, even if it's not "me".  There have even been pinks that I wanted to like.  It's fun to try new things.  All of this went through my mind when I found myself randomly interested in a bottle of Sephora by OPI Give Peach A Chance.  Maybe it was the name that swayed me, but I wound up buying it.

Give Peach A Chance is a light peach cream.

Damn.  This is six kinds of bad, isn't it?  I tucked it under the cut for a reason.  I had a hunch that it wouldn't be flattering, but I didn't expect it to be quite this awful on me.  Monday was a crap day all around and I think I picked this as the icing on my poo cake.  If it had looked good, it would have been a pleasant shock.  Instead it wound up being something to laugh about.  The Beard even noticed it and blurted out "That looks horrible!" with such shock and disgust that I wasn't sure what he'd seen.  It looks brighter on me than in the bottle and gives me corpse fingers.  The formula was iffy too.  It was watery and tried very hard to streak...and then it bubbled clean through all three coats on my pinkie.  Blah!  On top of that, Duncan ate my beloved cleanup brush the night before.  I managed ok with a mediocre stand-in for a few swatches, but I didn't try quite as hard here.  Fail all-around.  This is probably getting purged, since it would almost have to look better on pretty much anyone else than it does on me.  I didn't even top it or play with it at all and it was gone after less than 24 hours.

Have you pushed your color boundaries at all?  Did you get a good shock or one like this?


  1. Ha, ha, I know exactly what you mean! I love textures so I wanted to love Lemon Lolly since it is a Nicole Gumdrops. It was pretty much horrible!

  2. I don't think it's you, it's just a hideous color in general. Looks like a Manila envelope!

  3. It's not a pretty color at all, I honestly can't imagine it looking great on anyone. I share your love of the ugly yellow greens so much - tho that has always been my go-to color group. Not just in polish. I've always loved the odd greens


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