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NYC Mimosa Bouquet

After the Philly area weather's flirtation with summer over the past few days, spring came drizzling back last night.  I only have a few springtime polish picks left in my swatching basket and with a little luck maybe I'll have them all done and posted by the end of the week.  Summer swatching is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to brighter (and...ahem...more flattering) colors.  Zoya's Tickled and Bubbly collections should be on their way to me pretty soon and another collection will be announced on Thursday.  Getting back on track though, I finally got to a Rite Aid last week and spotted NYC's City Bloom collection.  Like most of their bigger seasonal displays, there's a little bit of "everything", from polish to eyeshadow to face powder...but I'm predictable and only bought polish.  Mimosa Bouquet wasn't my only pick, but the new Shimmer Blast shade called Sweet Candy needs a post all to itself.  I originally considered just buying two bottles of Sweet Candy (NYC was BOGO50 at Rite Aid last week), but got a wild hair to try another pastel yellow.  If you've read us for a while, you probably know I get these strange whims...and that they sometimes end badly.  I had a looming sense of doubt by the time I'd gotten back to my car with my purchase, but decided to stick with it anyway.'d it go?

Mimosa Bouquet is a soft pastel yellow with a hint of silvery white shimmer.

Not all that bad on me, is it?  I'm more stunned than you are.  Nichole probably hates it, but I think it's ok as pastels go.  It's got the slightest suggestion of green to it, which I keeps it from being too...well...normal.  It would look amazing on someone cooler-toned, I think.  The name threw me a bit, since I think of mimosas as the insanely fast-growing trees with lovably tacky pink pom-pom flowers that smell like my childhood.  We had one in my first backyard, so they're full of memories for me.  Turns out there's also an acacia that people call mimosa too.  Who knew?  The formula's surprisingly non-hateful, considering.  I was ready to do at least mild battle with it like I did with Sinful Colors Unicorn, but it really wasn't too bad.  This is three coats and while it is kinda chalky, it didn't seem as streak-prone as Unicorn.  If I wear it again, I'll almost definitely use top coat between coats to reduce the bit of streaking it did attempt.  You can't really tell from my photos at this size, but it has a decent hint of shimmer.  It's just a twinkle, but it's far from hidden.

Bottom line: Not a bad formula as pastels go.  Its slightly unusual color makes it stand out a bit and keeps it from being too cutesy.  I kinda like it.

Wondering what you guys think.  It's not great on me, but it at least sorta works...right?


  1. I just picked up Sweet Candy today...I can't wait to see your post about it!

  2. It looks Easter-y, but in a pretty way. I like it, considering how yellows & golds mess up with my hands.
    As it comes to NYC Bloom collection, I NEED those eye shadows more than the nail polish colors it has.


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