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Simple Spring Combo

Somewhere on this planet, it is spring. I swear. Maybe not here, maybe not where you are...but its gotta be. Right? All the tv/magazine/internet machines tell me so. They are trying to force feed buckets full of pastels and sheers and shorts and things-that-I-don't-want to us constantly as of late, and the only reason must be the changing seasons. Spring is my least favorite, color-wise. 99% of these floofy colors look like ass on me. I decided to dig around in my stash, and see if I could possibly make a spring-fling-icure that I could live with.

screw you guys. I like filters

Colors Used:
Essie Turquoise and Caicos
Octopus Party Solar Powered

the color of this bottle makes my camera sad

I used two coats of Solar Powered over two coats of the Turquoise and Caicos. I really like how the gray of Solar Powered muted the pastel-ishness of the aqua green. I wish that I could capture how amazingly sparkly this is. Its like tiny, tasteful discoballs on my fingers.

Let me just say, for the record, that I hate this Essie polish. For me, a lot of them are hit-or-miss anyway. This one, though...ugh. misery. I only used two thin coats, but to cover the nail line (and the streaks) I probably could have done another two. Thankfully, the OPNL polish hid most of the misery with shiny bits of awesome. I had originally wanted to use Tudor City Teal, from NYC. It has been lost in my disaster of a closet kidnapped by trolls. I forgot how much I hated this Essie, and I figured it would be a good substitute. I regret that decision now.

check me out, all artsy and shit


  1. Pretty ! It kind of reminds me or Orly's Sparkling Garbage which I looooove. I am not an Essie fan either. I only own a few and never reach for them. Shine of the Times was a gateway polish for me so it will always be special but overall I find Essie super overrated.

    1. I completely agree. Essie was kinda where I started, when I got back into nail polish. The more I learned, the less I bought.

  2. I agree, Essie is hit-or-miss, however the hits are my favorite polishes. I also love their bottles. Their simplicity is appealing!


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