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Walgreens 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale Spam

It's that time again already!  It's only been two months since the last 99¢ Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens, but they're doing it again.  It's been just long enough since the last one that I need to update my spam.  It always varies from one location to another, but in general the xmas stuff is probably gone.  Boldacious is a long-shot.  The Valentine's Day Tough Love display may still be lingering, so I've included it, but it's really a maybe at this point.  Even the Mod Mod World display has been out for a while, so some shades from that may be gone from your local Walgreens.  They also seem to be changing the core display, though none in my area have yet.  If you have more than one Walgreens near you, it's worth scoping them all out because you never really know what you might find!

Click through the shade names to read my reviews.

All About You over Georgio (LE)


Bali Mist over Inkwell (LE)

Beatnick (LE)

Black Cherry (LE)

Blue By You

Call You Later over Happy Ending


Charmed - LED lighting

Cold Leather (LE)

Courtney Orange

Clementine (LE)

Dream On (old version)


Endless Blue

Energetic Red (LE)

Fig (LE?)

Get It On (LE)

Go Go Boots (LE)

GoGo Girl

Happy Ending - LED light


Let Me Go (and its LE damn-near dupe Rain Song) over nude and black

Let's Meet over nude base

Let's Talk (not color-accurate)

Midnight Blue

Nice Stems (LE)

Out Of This World

Queen Of Beauty over Sugar Sugar - LED lighting

Red Eye (LE)

Rise And Shine

Rise And Shine with Mint Apple accent

Ruby Ruby


Secret Admirer

Sugar Sugar - LED lighting

Taupe It Off (LE)



Violets Are Blue (LE)

Why Not

You Just Wait over Mauve (LE)

The sale runs through Saturday, 4/26.  The circular on the Walgreens site doesn't say if SinfulShine is included like last time, so I'd assume that it isn't.

I always tell myself that I have every shade I want...but I always find something anyway!  Are there any you'll be hoping to find this time?


  1. This is an EXCELLENT post, thank you for putting so many reviews in one place! (p.s. Sinful Shine colors ARE included in the sale.)


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